Ginowaydaganuc–Days Of The Week

Tubey Tuesday 2013-09-10

waterbrothers-master_0-FROM-TVO• Tonight we watched the water brothers (the gangespictured are the water brothers, but obviously in some place far colder than india), the story of maths (the genius of the east), and islands of britain (the hebrides and the isle of man)

Wednesday Panorama 2013-09-11

unfinished-song-1024x525• we saw unfinished song, one of the huronia museum films; later we watched the secret life of primates, about chimpanzees.

Thursday 2013-09-12

By Shaun Merritt [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsHere are some poems by Al Purdy (pictured). How do you get to be a poet with a name like Al?–[see More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At]

baroque--st-pauls• we watched baroque’s final episode, as the art and architecture movement dragged dusty, old, tudor england into the 17th century, with some kicking and screaming of course–but england did get some nice paintings, steeples, country homes, and a dome.

Friday 2013-09-13

ecojustice-goose_red_breaking-newsEcojustice sues the Ontario government for gutting the species at risk legislation. Dr. Anastasia Lintner, staff lawyer, writes, ‘The Ontario government has failed to deliver on its promise to defend endangered and threatened species. And today, we’re doing something about that.’ (thanks to sh)

3Drummers-NoText1-from-aiAmnesty International wants us to ‘urge Canada to help safeguard the human rights of Indigenous peoples affected by resource development projects.’  [See More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At.]

Saturday Serious Stuff 2013-09-14

By Green Party of Canada (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia CommonsElizabeth May writes, ‘The only substance [the federal government is] studying is dilbit [diluted bitumen, aka tar sands oil] in the research programme called the Northern Gateway project…. The research is essentially a disguised subsidy to Enbridge which was supposed to have done this work and presented it to the Joint Review Panel. The key reason that the BC government submitted its objections to the project in the hearings was the failure of Enbridge to provide any evidence of the environmental fate and persistence of dilbit, either in a pipeline (terrestrial) or tanker (marine) spills.’

Joshua Sherurcij [Attribution], via Wikimedia CommonsIncinerating our garbage is ‘a complicated issue,’ David Suzuki and Ian Hanington write. Incineration creates heavy metal carcinogens and distracts us from reducing, reusing, and recycling. ‘But we have better options than landfills and incineration, starting with reducing the amount of waste we produce. Through education and regulation, we can reduce obvious sources and divert more compostable, recyclable and reusable materials away from the dump. It’s simply wasteful to incinerate it.’

By nuflicks (Amy Winehouse) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsMolly Johnson reminds us that Amy Winehouse would have been 30 years old today.

By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsSigned a petition. Got this message: ‘Thank you for speaking out for the human rights of Indigenous people [see Friday]…. Add your voice to other Amnesty International petitions defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world.’ That Canada is grouped with Colombia and Guatemala for failure to protect UN indigenous rights is shameful.

Take action for the survival of Indigenous peoples
Community leader who opposes mining shot and wounded
Government must honour its responsibility to uphold Indigenous rights
colombia_150.png  yolanda_150.png Judy_DaSilva150.jpg
btn_take_action_90_yellow.png btn_take_action_90_yellow.png btn_take_action_90_yellow.png

Sunday Videos 2013-09-15

speak-up-from-nfbSpeak Up!–From the NFB, including a free (for a limited time) streaming of Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada and a clip from an upcoming Alanis Obomsawin doc–‘Although life in society is by nature a collective experience, stellar ideas often spring from inspired individuals. Indeed, we owe many of our social gains to outspoken people who believed that the many could benefit from hearing—and putting into action—their unique point of view.’ [See More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At.] (thanks to sh)

By en:User:Cburnett (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons• tonight we watched a doc on cassowaries forced to leave their shrinking rainforests in northern australia following a devastating cyclone and seek food in urban areas, and another on present-day land and water in the land between, informed by a growing appreciation of native wisdom–the name of the doc is Torrance-Barrens-The-Land-Between-Filmginowaydaganuc, the algonquin concept of sustainability. [see More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At.]

Monday Music 2013-09-16

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government as part of that person’s official duties under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code. See Copyright. It’s a good year for acorns, so much so that you gotta wear a hat on the deck. So, when I went out the other night I sang, ‘Acorns are fallin’ on my head’. Well, Tom Allen played Émilie-Claire Barlow’s version of the classic. Speaking of acorns

By Andy Roo (6tee-zeven) ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Video: Neil Young says Fort McMurray looks like ‘Hiroshima’ (thanks to ta). To quote Neil: ‘This is truly a disaster.’

Quote_Miley-Cyrus-editorial-from-cbcFrom Madonna to Miley: naked music videos and the ritual sacrifice of the female pop star (thanks to aw)

fearing01A couple of songs about your now-grown-up kids: Half Life Of A Childhood sung by Stephen Fearing and Wildflowers sung by Melanie Doane. (thanks to ta)Melanie Doane


julia-kent-from-myspaceArlanda by Julia Kent (thanks to lb).

By Deutsche Bundespost (scanned by NobbiP) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsO Virga Ac Diadema Purpurae Regis by Hildegard von Bingen (thanks to nh).

(See also Saturday.)

status-quo-01tonight we watched an nfb doc, Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada, online for free (for a limited time)–[see sunday, and More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At]

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