a half-dozen or so recent poems

spiral poem


circling round and round
spiralling in
more and more authentic,
my own enlightenment,
getting closer to the burning flame




gravity is love
without end
without question
and patience is love
without end
without question
and faith is love
without end
without question
and psychology and all pursuits are love
without end
without question
and love is divine


beatnik poem

for wes
(you don’t need bongos, but it helps)

got my hat on backwards
i look so cool
howling at the moon cuz it’s so full

learning from the elders
and skyping overseas
laughter is life’s little secret, death it’s mystery

wisdom says i’m nothing
love says i’m all
you gotta rise before you fall

sometimes the longest journey
is between the head and the heart
sometimes you end up where you start


we are like mushrooms


we are like mushrooms
for we appear to be individuals
but really, deep down, we are part of one another

our atoms have been around for billions of years
we think we are a flash in the pan
but we forget our eternity, our divinity

in loving
we serve all, life, and self
my task, then, is to re-member

to strive
like a mushroom
before re-joining


the eternal now


what time is it?


always now.
always was, always will be, always is now.
the joy, the pain, the tears, the laughter

is there a half-life?
what is forever?
how can there be
if there is only now?

or is it both: now and not-now,
until we try to look directly at it
like looking at the sun
like looking at the truth
like looking at god/dess

like a paradox

this poem captures something of now
and preserves it
for not-now


there’s a lot i don’t understand


there’s a lot i don’t understand,
and neither do you
we simplify the entire universe,
turn it into a few lines of math,
and thereby ignore the infinite variety.
do we need to launch satellites to explore wonder?
or would wonder be more wondrous if we stayed on the ground
and looked up,
and looked within?

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