Rainforests–Days Of The Week


John_Seed-from-rainforestinfo.org.auJohn Seed writes, ‘Yes, our psyche is itself a product of the rainforests. We evolved for hundreds of millions of years within this moist green womb before emerging a scant five million years ago, blinking, into the light…. [Unfortunately we may] labour under various delusions like: the universe revolves around the earth, the world was created for our benefit, or that our relationship with the myriad creatures is to “subdue and dominate” them.’

• more rain…

Wednesday Panorama


By HagenU (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons• db at 247 for chess and guitar heroes: ana popovic, ron earl, jimi at woodstock, and brian may with queen. later i listened to the new tedeschi trucks band album. more guitar craziness!


Nothing happened.


digging-roots-amw_16x9_620x350-from-cbc‘Any time there’s an Aboriginal celebration, it’s really good, not just for indigenous people but Canadians as well,’ says Raven Kanatakta, co-founder of Digging Roots, in a CBC post. ‘Music really opens up a lot of possibilities, especially to wake people up and get them to listen to different perspectives.’ Aboriginal Music Week, Aug. 16-21; the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, Aug. 18.

Saturday Serious Stuff

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.Liat Podolsky, Staff Scientist at Ecojustice, writes, ‘Each year, municipalities dump untreated or partially treated sewage into your water. What’s in that sewage?’

  • toxic chemicals and heavy metals
  • human waste
  • disease-causing pathogens and bacteria
  • pesticides and fertilizers

‘Dumping that foul cocktail of biological and chemical pollutants into our waterways can make beaches hazardous to your health and harm vulnerable plant and animal species…. You deserve better than that…. [Updated for 2013,] The Great Lakes Sewage Report Card ranks 12 Ontario municipalities, offers recommendations and urges governments to act before climate change and other environmental factors make the problem worse. Here’s what you can do today.’ (thanks to sh)

Joshua Sherurcij [Attribution], via Wikimedia CommonsDavid Suzuki wonders at the multitude of small things, and warns us what could happen if we ignore the small things.

Sunday Videos

Damien_Robitaille-from-nfb.caMusician Damien Robitaille, a Franco-Ontarian from Lafontaine, offers his NFB picks.

Monday Music

2013-Danny-Michel-Garifuna-Collective-Grid-Image-from-lumintofestival.comm.jpgDanny Michel And The Garifuna Collective–This Is What Is, plus the making of Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me.

His lyrics are profound and subtle; for example:

Break It You Buy It
There’s bars on the windows, submachine guards
Camels in the hallway, gasoline in jars
The marketplace is empty but no one will say why
The radio is waiting, antennas is reaching for the sky
There’s rumours in the air, a patrol blocks the road
The rad is overheating, they quarantine the load
The world is overflowing, the world is undersold
The world is boiling over, breaking parole
Where do we go when the world runs out?
Don’t stop, do not stop!
What do we do when the lights go out?
Don’t stop, do not stop!
Where do we go when the road runs out?
Don’t stop, do not stop!
What do we do when the world runs out?
Don’t stop, do not stop!
We crucified it, break it you buy it

Full system failure, the woofers are blown
The meltdown is coming, wild horses on the road
Farmland abandoned, riots in the streets
Through a storefront window, I saw you see me!
The polar caps are crying, you won’t look them in the eye
Everything in here tonight someday will die
Everything in here tonight someday will die
Everything in here tonight turns back to life!
Where do we go when the world runs out?

Alexandre Désilets performs Karkwa’s ‘Moi-léger’

Twilight of the Gods, part 5–What Next?

[more stuff]

See Wednesday for more musical links!

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