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Chullora MarketplaceJohn Seed wrote, ‘The Earth suffers under the thrall of the religion of the market place, the dominant spiritual mode of these dark times. Both nature and the faith traditions falter under the onslaught of the most pious religion the world has ever known, worshipping mammon in skyscraping temples and shopping malls not just one day a week but seven; with worshippers all the more fervent by virtue of being completely unconsciousness that their supposed secularism is, in fact, a profound spiritual faith.’ (more stuff…)

Wednesday Panorama

Panthera tigris sumatran subspeciesSwimming TigersSiberian Tigers eatingHarbin Siberian Tigers
Rainforests of the World 179 2013-03-28• today [2013-07-24] i read of john seed‘s efforts to save fragile rainforests and their ecosystems, while he learned of life’s resiliency. (more…)

PineSeeds-from-wctonight we watched the incredible story of sooyong park’s obsession to film three generations of wild siberian tigers. in the city, everything seems to depend on the human, but in the wilderness everything, even a tiger, depends on the pine nut.


Joanna_Macy-from-wcBodhichitta is ‘the motivation to act for the sake of all beings,’ Joanna Macy wrote. ‘It is the intention generated by the bodhisattva, who is the one who knows we are not separate from each other.’ (more stuff…)• tonight [2013-07-25], after a visit from c and g, we watched Kinngait: Riding Light Into the World, about Cape Dorset’s artists ‘whose lives and artwork reflect the ongoing social and environmental changes that are transforming the north.’


vimala-thakar-from-wie-orgVimala Thakar wrote, ‘In this era, to become a spiritual inquirer without social consciousness is a luxury that we can ill afford, and to be a social activist without a scientific understanding of the inner workings of the mind is the worst folly.’ Often a philosophy such as deep ecology informs activists. Activist Buddhism is known as ‘Engaged Buddhism’, signified by the Buddha caring for this planet. In a workshop called ‘Buddha Touched The Earth’, a participant said, ‘Dharma study and deep ecology–it is such an obvious combination.’ (more stuff…)

Saturday Serious Stuff

David Suzuki (arms crossed)In a very readable thought experiment, David Suzuki time-travels. At present, ‘more than 13 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product depends on healthy ecosystems…. By contrast, the Harper government’s pet economic project, the Alberta oil sands, represents a mere two per cent. But is 13 per cent a reasonable estimate of the “value” of nature?’ Time-travelling allows him ‘to find the true value of nature. With the current perspective that elevates the economy above all else, it’s important to find ways to include nature’s value in our calculations so it doesn’t get ignored in decision-making. At the same time, it seems absurd to try to assign worth to something so vital we can’t survive without it.’

Thomas Mulcair 2011-04-23What happens when you mess with toxic substances? Inevitably, tragedy. Think Bhopal. Think Chernobyl. Think Exxon Valdez. Now, sadly, we have Lac-Mégantic. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair wrote, ‘I arranged to go to Lac-Mégantic as soon as I heard the news. I needed to see first-hand what the residents of Lac-Mégantic were facing and offer whatever support I could. When I arrived, the first person I met was a twelve year old girl and her mom, she told me that they couldn’t find her dad–a husband and father–and they feared the worst.  Lac-Mégantic modIt was devastating to hear, and her story, like the many others I heard, moved me deeply. The whole community is facing a harrowing situation. Where there was once a thriving town, people now face rebuilding their community and their spirits.’ Tanker railcarThe NDP propose legislation to avert further tragedy, but ‘what is most important right now is the people of Lac-Mégantic–our focus is on them and their families. That is why I am urging the federal government to provide immediate assistance. They have a long road ahead as they deal with their losses and rebuild their community. They need our support and our assistance.’ (thanks to sh.)

Sunday Sing-along

Night Sky Stars Trees 02Sing along With Eric:

Monday Music

landfill-harmonic-orchestra-by-pklThe Landfill Harmonic Orchestra
Lots is Latin jazz this week
I know most of these. I had most of these.

• today [2013-07-29] is the fifth anniversary of the bursting of my cavernous malformation. so it began….

Windmill-gear-from-wc• tonight we watched two docs: on map makers, the role that military cartography played in d-day; then on history of science, how understanding lagged behind use of non-animal energy, from wind (pictured are windmill gears; mathematics made them more efficient and the mathematician rich) to electricity and fission

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