John Seed’s Hope Seed’s efforts to save the fragile rainforests and their ecosystems, while he learned of life’s resiliency, taught him hope: ‘I had honestly felt sometimes that life, itself, was threatened by the extinction spasm that we’ve launched…. Of course, human beings, mammals and such may well be in trouble. But I’m heartened by my kinship with the entire story rather than just the present chapter. And this has given me a tremendous refuge where I can retreat and re-gather my strength – especially after suffering losses in the campaigns that we engage in. There are far more losses than there are victories.

The lake ecosystem - Flickr - askmeaksFor every forest we save, a hundred disappear. But particularly at those times when we see the destruction continue unabated, it is important to remember that whatever happens now, there will be a sequel. This epoch will end in extinction of some species, as have all previous ages; but it will merely be clearing the stage for the next magnificent chapter in the story of Life. And the very things that threaten us today may become the mainstay of Life in the future.’

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