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data-farm-from-paulchefurka.caChefurka has a new, thought-provoking post, which begins ‘Humanity appears to be in the grip of a global system – one that we originally created, but which is now shaping our lives independently of our wishes.’ No wildlife allowed.

Wednesday Panorama

Emily Carr 1928 Kitwancool

Blunden harbour totems Emily CarrEmilyCarr - Odds and Ends

Paintings by Emily Carr


702524260 txjiQ-OJean Vanier writes, ‘Why do we hide from pain? Because we feel helpless. Because we have the feeling of being manipulated by forces that surpass us and there is nothing we can do. Because there is no answers to the world problems. Because there is no answer to my own problems. Because there is no answer to our communities problems. Because we are confronted by a world of conflicts. But can we hide from reality? The answer is either let’s build walls to protect us from pain or let us be lead to compassion.’


‘We don’t want to look at disabled people, so we create protective situation to keep us at a safe distance from any form of pain. Then we can live quietly and gently in a world of dreams and illusion. Everything is okay and everything is going to be okay. I will not be confronted by the presence of pain. And if there are people in pain, it’s their fault.’

Emily Carr House• we watched winds of heaven, about emily carr, and how she both broke with her society’s expectations, yet was also part of the colonial appropriation of west coast native culture (pictured, appropriately, is her family home in victoria, b.c.)


maple-leaf-forever-inspiration-downed-2013-07-19-from-np• speaking of winds, today was very blustery, and led to storms, tornado warnings, trees down (including the tree the inspired ‘the maple leaf forever–pictured), cars crunched, power out. i sheltered in a basement. rain, wind, but nothing worse. this time. (thanks to sh, ll, km, and pippin the schnoodle)


Saturday Serious Stuff

Stephen HarperAn email from Climate Action News notes that ‘Stephen Harper announced a cabinet shuffle that ended Peter Kent’s term as Environment Minister, and promoted Leona Aglukkaq to that portfolio, a former Health Minister and the first Inuk to be appointed to Cabinet. On the surface, the shuffle may seem like progress on climate change and environment. By appointing an Aboriginal representative, it appears the government is seeking to win over First Nations on  its controversial plans. However, the move is same old ideology with a few new faces. After all, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, the government’s 73-year-old pipeline cheerleader and front man on its so-called responsible resource development approach, remains in the post he has held since entering Parliament two years ago.’ (thanks to sh)


DBP 1988 1366 Lise MeitnerLise Meitner (1878-1968) was an Austrian-born physicist who fled Germany in 1938 to work in Sweden. She and her colleague, Otto Hahn, who stayed, discovered nuclear fission, leading to the atomic bomb, which she opposed: ‘Meitner refused an offer to work on the [Manhattan] project at Los Alamos, declaring “I will have nothing to do with a bomb!” Meitner said that Hiroshima had come as a surprise to her, and that she was sorry that the bomb had to be invented.” ‘ In 1945, Hahn received the Nobel Prize (‘for his discovery of the fission of heavy atomic nuclei’). She did not. Element 109, meitnerium, is named in her honour.

phonograph_16x9_620x350-from-cbc• today [2013-07-21] i listened to part one of twilight of the gods, about how edison’s invention of a recording device change everything. (more…)

Monday Music

Cibelle ariel martini• pp and i were trading earworms. here’s one of hers. mine was que será será, tho nothing like this.
funki porcini (thanks to lb)
london london by cibelle (pictured) is lyrically and visually strange, but musically it’s a very recognizable bossa nova, mostly (thanks again to lb)
• 2012 Massey lecturer Neil Turok’s favourite tunes

Mercator Rheinpfalz189v• we watched two docs with a common theme: how new understanding threatened (and eventually changed) old beliefs. in the first, map makers, mercator’s revolutionary understanding of pictorial accuracy threatened his political and religious world. map makers in tudor england possessed knowledge and skill to rival cold war spies. Charles_Darwin-from-wcin the second, the history of science, a new understanding of time, what some now call ‘deep time‘, threatened religious ideas of the age of the earth, eventually leading to darwin and evolution. (more…)

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