2012-Massey-Turok-cover‘We’re living inside a miracle.’–cosmologist Dr Brian Swimme.

‘I find it miraculous that human beings are able to understand the basic structure of the universe.’–cosmologist Dr Neil Turok.

Turok said in an interview with Bob McDonald that our ability to understand through science is ‘a very deep indication of who we are, and how the world works.’ The chance to deepen his understanding came at the Perimeter Institute, a miraculous place, a ‘unique institution. In all of human history there’s never been a place so clearly focused on this question of how we understand the universe at a deep level.’

However, miracles do not happen in a vacuum. Turok pointed out that the general populace around the globe requires scientific literacy. ‘The modern world is an outcome of science,’ he said. ‘People outside science just assume the next iPhone or other gadget is just going to miraculously appear and they don’t really question where it came from. And scientists,’ he adds, ‘are also rather unaware about how science emerged.’ Turok concluded, ‘science is one of the great miracles of our existence, that we can understand the universe’ and that the universe can teach us things.

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