‘our third eye’

2012-Massey-Turok-coverTurok said, ‘Mathematics is our “third eye”, allowing us to see and understand how things work in realms so remote from our experience that they cannot be visualized.’ Mathematics forms the language of our scientific theories. For example, nearly fifty years ago we did the math to ‘see’ the Higgs particle (‘a billionth the size of an atom’), but it wasn’t until we built the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that we actually found them, right where we said they would be, in 2012. ‘On the other end of the spectrum,’ said Turok, ‘we managed to figure out how the universe works on a scale ten trillion times the size of the solar system.’ Our scientific theories work, he noted. ‘This is something we should take strength from, and courage from.’ He quotes Julian Huxley 1-2Julian Huxley (pictured), who said, ‘We are the means for the universe to become conscious of itself.’ Turok added, ‘It implies we are part of nature, we have these amazing capacities [that] come from the universe, the universe teaches us things, and in the process we advance our society and we pave the way for the future.’ Our third eye lets us see what our other two eyes cannot: the very small and the very large, a glimpse of the past and a glimpse of the future. Although we are fixed in time and place, on a little blue planet in an outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy right now, our third eye lets us wander far, unfixed.(Based on this interview clip.)

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