‘to become human you must dwell on the immensities of the universe’–Days Of The Week


• watered at the community gardens.
• looking at hubble images and thinking about
star wars [I originally typed ‘tar wars’ :) ]; the conundrum of blasting a telescope into space to find out about nature; and how much of star wars is solely human, while the non-human (ie., the rest of nature) is merely a prop or a setting.
• overnight shift at the guesthouse on tuesday, really tired by thursday.

Wednesday Panorama






Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, most–and more–from The Atlantic.

‘There’s an aboriginal group in South America that says in order to become human you must dwell on the immensities of the universe. Let’s look at the converse of that statement. If you don’t dwell on the immensities of the universe, you don’t become human. You become a really good corporate manager.’–Brian Swimme


nation-to-nation-tour-bannerAre you ready to ride for peace and friendship? This is an opportunity to join an open minded and welcoming cross-cultural group. Share and learn together, as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, about our responsibilities to each other and to the earth.’

stand• the weather held, so we went out to see stand and watched youths craft beautiful paddle-boards on the even more beautiful haida gwaii. eternal shame if we build a pipeline and port.


Feminist José




nintendo-feminist-versionAnd feminist Mario: ‘Mike Mika’s 3-year-old daughter Ellis asked him why it is always the mustached Mario who saves Pauline, the damsel in a pink dress who gets kidnapped by a gorilla. The game has no option for the girl to save the boy. It just works like that, the dad told his daughter. “She was bummed out,” he says. So Mr. Mika, a 39-year-old videogame developer in Emeryville, Calif., hacked the classic game’s software to make the damsel into a heroine who saves the plumber Mario. He published his version, dubbed “Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition,” online…. With a few redrawn pixels and well-placed lines of computer code, the women crying out for rescue have become the ones who save the day. One gamer turned the namesake character from “The Legend of Zelda,” a princess saved by a guy named Link, into a sword-bearing warrior. (The game’s creator called it “Zelda Starring Zelda.”)’ (thanks to ta)

Weekend Audio

The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative by Thomas King, author of the award-winning novel Green Grass, Running Water and The Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour radio series.

8th-fire-anim-from-cbc Closer to home, the beat goes on: Beth Brass Elson invites us all to Camp Nibi at Springwater Park near Barrie, Ontario for  “Mother Earth knows her ancient shores”, Sunday, July 7th at 7:00PM, ‘to unite for the WORLD’S LARGEST healing circle. We are gathering to become one with our Mother and one another in a quest to heal our planet with all those who walk together in peace, love and unity!’

Monday Music

Have you heard of Railroad Earth? Sort of Grateful Dead meets country. Seriously.

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