Play And Church

the-spark‘Indulging the senses isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. We have to walk barefoot in the grass. We have to eat clean snow. We have to let warm sand run through our fingers. We have to lie on our backs and feel the sun on our faces.'(160) Indulging the senses and playing can lead to helping others: ‘I thought of my grandfather…. He had instilled in me a sense of play and an understanding of its importance. He’d also taught me to see my own misfortune as an opportunity to create community rather than closing myself off from one. It was through his example that I’d learned that helping others means you are never alone.’ The parents of autistic children ‘had been told over and over [that their children] were worthless’, like society tells our guests at the Guesthouse that they are worthless. Raised New Order Amish, she stopped, as do many parents of autistic children, going to church, simply because she didn’t have time, nor was the church scene beneficial to her child. So she started a weekend program for autistic children to play instead. ‘In a way,’ helping autistic children and their parents to play ‘was my church.'(162)

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