Pyjama Day

the-sparkTo go to mainstream school, in kindergarten Jake had to wear his pyjamas to Pyjama Day. That’s weird, thinks literal-minded Jake. You wear pyjamas to bed at night. ‘He did have to get through the day,’ his Mom writes, ‘but he didn’t have to change who he was to do it.'(106)  Then in Grade One, his class had to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. Jake calculated the answer, but mysteriously gets it wrong, way wrong.(116-117) Why? I won’t tell you. Not important here. But like Jake questioning Pyjama Day or calculating jelly beans, there’s something particular that absorbs each of us–maybe it’s hockey, or maybe it’s the Lydian mode, or maybe it’s making macarons, or maybe it’s step-dancing while playing the fiddle. Have you lost that wonder? I guess we all have to get through the day, but we don’t always have to change who we are to do it.

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