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Fisheris_Act_BannerBlack Out Speak Out notes that one year ago, ‘Canada passed a far-reaching bill that repealed or weakened most of Canada’s foundational environmental laws. Among the most controversial elements of Bill C-38 was the decision to “take the guts out” of the Fisheries Act by abandoning long-standing legal protections for fish habitat–the ecosystems that sustain our iconic salmon and other species –and replacing them with weaker rules that prohibit only “serious harm to fish.” There is still time to stop these changes from coming into force. Write to the Prime Minister today.’

Wednesday Panorama




MikeHolmes-holmespot.blogspot.com-111112Mike Holmes says, ‘I always say, “Make It Right.” Well, here’s our chance to do it. Smart, long-term thinking and using our resources efficiently is the way to build something that lasts—whether it’s a construction project or a healthy planet with a sustainable future.

Let’s make Canada a leader in energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, green jobs for young people and innovation! You can help make it happen. Join me in supporting the David Suzuki Foundation. With your help, the independent, science-based perspective of the Foundation can help build a sustainable future.’


9-musicians_16x9_620x350Besides being the summer solstice, today is National Aboriginal Day. Every day should be Aboriginal Day.

Saturday Serious Stuff

standThe film STAND showcases what’s at stake with the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline-Tanker Route. If you’re in Midland on July 4th, 2013, it’s showing at the public library, 7pm. Tickets available at Grounded Coffee, $5. Check out http://standfilm.com/

stuart_nfldStuart McLean was on Manitoulin, where he noted that very important conversations are taking place in hockey rinks and elsewhere between and about Natives and Settlers.

community-garden-eco-huronie-photo-by-nicole-millonThe Toronto Star has a series on gardens that put good food on the table and give to those in need, beginning with this. (My full post here.) photo by nicole millon.

david-suzuki-fom-nationalpost.comSuzuki writes, ‘Many scientists are saying we’re creating serious problems — but we have solutions…. Many of the proposed solutions have long been advocated by people working in science, the environment and even business…. Humanity has changed direction before. When our tools become outdated, we invent new ones. It’s why in many countries, we no longer rely on slavery to maintain economies, we can all vote regardless of race or sex and we enjoy longer and healthier lives than before. Many systems we’ve invented don’t apply to current circumstances. We can and must change the way we act. That requires listening to scientists and those who are working on solutions, and not to the naysayers and deniers who would keep us stalled in a doomed spiral.’

Sunday Videos

8th-fire-anim-from-cbcThe NFB offers a short doc about Poundmaker’s Lodge, ‘a treatment centre in St. Albert, Alberta, that welcomes Native people troubled by addiction to drugs and alcohol [and] … offers a space where Natives can come together for mutual support, partake in healing rituals like the sweat lodge, and rediscover their traditions. The film shows the despair of a people dispossessed of land, culture, language and dignity, and their strength and courage in overcoming substance abuse.’ Kinda like Enaahtig.

Monday Music

misogyny-makesacomeback2_16x9_620x350I love serendipity, though this was a little more intentional.

Lost one guitar hero, but found another. See? Serendipity. (thanks to hp)

In a post about song lyrics and videos entitled ‘Misogyny makes a comeback‘, Warner notes that women aren’t ‘born with an ingrained entitlement about our place or space in the world. We fight for it all the time. Ross, Thicke and West are men who should know better, who admit to knowing better, but they choose to see women as less.’

On the other hand, forty years ago, George Harrison asked, ‘What Is Life?‘ (Hint: It’s not about dominating women.) Let’s hope that in forty years’ time, we’re singing Harrison’s tune, not Ross’, Thicke’s, or West’s. Sometimes serendipity provides the antidote. It’s up to us to apply it. Warner writes, ‘Many men fed up with misogyny in music and have stated so publicly, including rapper Talib Kweli and singer-songwriter Ben Gibbard. There are some amazing and wonderful musicians, like Lupe Fiasco and Joel Plaskett, who are outspoken against sexism and who abhor violence against women.’


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