Learning And Naming From Grandfather

the-sparkSpeaking of her grandfather, Barnett says that ‘it was from his example that I’d learned the value of lifelong curiosity, the pleasure to be found in hard work, and the importance of family. I’d seen the sense of purpose he felt in dedicating his life to ideas larger than himself.'(35)

Pregnant when he died, she and her husband named their newborn son after him, John, though they called him by his second name, Wes. In a strange coincidence, we named our son after his grandfather, Johannes (which is German for John), but called him by his middle name, Wes. Both grandfathers were Germanic. Both had workshops crammed with wonders, where they stored everything they collected, and they collected everything. Both made something from nothing. For a child, they made magic. Both grandfathers were inspirational.

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