The Myth of Complementary Protein–Days Of The Week


tom-honeyBennett’s been writing her Master’s thesis–‘hence why my blog entries are presently few and far between.’ However, she’s posted new stuff, like a TED video, in which Rev Tom Honey, commenting on the horrific 2004 tsunami, asks ‘What if God doesn’t act? What if God doesn’t do things at all? What if God is in things?’ Bennett adds: ‘Such notions are well known in liberal academic circles, he says, yet church leaders have tended not to share these ideas with their congregations. He explains: “clergy like myself have been reluctant to air them, for fear of creating tension and division in our church communities, for fear of upsetting the simple faith of more traditional believers….” Honey does not suggest rejecting the existence of God altogether, he suggests questioning what images and ideas we are attributing to God.’ Perhaps we could start with our notion of god/dess’s sex.

paul-chefurka-from-paulchefurka-caChefurka also has new posts–scroll down to ‘Most Recent Articles‘. ‘The silver lining I see is that all the pressures coming from this process of correction can be useful goads toward personal self-development. “In all matters, strive to do the right thing.” What does this mean to each of us? What does mindful living in the midst of the whirlwind entail, what does it require of us in terms of personal growth, in the development of wisdom and self-awareness? How might each of us resolve our alienation – from each other, from our societies, from nature, from our own place in the universe?  How may we find the re-connections that are essential if we are to emerge from this tumultuous, careless human adolescence into individual and collective adulthood?’

Wednesday Panorama




• tonight [2013-06-12], two docs, mysteries:

 The Truth About Lions (‘Why is it that lions, alone amongst all the wild cats, are so intensely social?’)

Attenborough’s Giant Egg (‘On a hot day in 1961, … a Malagasy boy handed the young David Attenborough some pieces of a huge egg shell…, the largest bird that has ever lived, the half-ton [recently] extinct elephant bird.’) Fifty years later, Attenborough revisits Madagascar to find out why.


local-food• more docs–not so mysterious:

first, benefits of and threats to local ontario food.

then, the water brothers explore caribbean reefs, what threatens them, and what their demise could mean for all of us.

thankfully, in both cases folks care and you can get involved, whether it’s local food, or reefs, or both.


Close up of grains.Dr Novick writes, ‘I was teaching a nutrition class … [when] a woman raised her hand and stated, “I’ve read that because plant foods don’t contain all the essential amino acids that humans need, to be healthy we must either eat animal protein or combine certain plant foods….” This is one of the oldest myths.’ (thanks to sh)

Saturday Serious Stuff

young-women-doing-scienceSuzuki, himself a scientist, writes, ‘The federal government recently announced a reorganization of the National Research Council [which funds science] to make it more ‘business-led’ and industry-focused…. [Many scientists] write grant applications as if their work will lead to [solutions]… But we really have no idea what results an experiment will produce. If we did, there would be no point to the experiment…. I believe we should support science because curiosity and the ability to ask and answer questions are part of what makes our species unique and helps us find our way in the world.’

gpsWe’re not the only ones with an authoritarian pm. Istanbul is in the news. One of my daughters was just there, not too far from protesters who object to ‘the prime minister’s increasingly authoritarian style’. Global Power Shift, ‘a multi-year, multi-phase effort to dramatically scale up the climate movement’, starts there. Let’s hope attendees don’t get hit with rocks.

Sunday Funnies




• ‘i hear raindrops on my window/joy is like the rain

Monday Music

ukuleles-in-a-wheel_bigger_size_003Is that a mando? No, it’s a uke. But that’s not traditional ukulele music. Nor is this. Or this. Or how about this? Or…

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