Riveting–Days Of The Week

Tubey Tuesday

• ‘walking man’ walked along britain’s east coast. he and crew recounted how viking invasions unified britain, how british riveting gave way to american welding, how once eastern europeans sought a new life in the new world via britain, and how today container ships bring goods of the world to britain. but i know these ships use bunker fuel, the dregs of refining–dirty, polluting–like we need more stuff and more pollution.

image from wikipedia.

Wednesday Panorama








images from the trc, the cbc, the montreal gazette, and sfu.


trc logo8th-fire-anim-from-cbcKairos reports that the TRC’s ‘hearings in BC and Alberta are underway, and Vancouver will host the BC national event…. Check out our ecumenical resource. Everyone is welcome to all hearings, whether you’re Indigenous or not. In fact, your presence is very much needed: every story told by every survivor needs a witness in order for truth to be heard and for reconciliation to begin. You can be that witness. All events are completely free of charge, no registration is needed, and your presence makes a difference. What you hear will be difficult, courageous, hopeful, and life-changing.’

images from the trc and the cbc.

• more british strolling about as julia and hugh explore the south downs.

image from wikipedia.

Here’s an idea for an urbanite who wants heritage-chickens farm-fresh heritage chicken eggs–Adopt-A-Chicken–Edmonton has had a program for nearly thirty years! (thanks to lb)

image from heritagechickens.ca.

Saturday Serious Stuff

green-canada-from-www.portagelisgargreenparty.caEmily McMillan, Executive Director, Green Party of Canada, writes that ‘The scandal is not the Senate. The scandal is Harper’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Elizabeth May said in the House of Commons last week, “the Prime Minister’s Office in this country has way more power than the White House does in the United States. The White House is part of the U.S. Constitution. The PMO is an invention. It is a partisan fortress. It is the least accountable place where taxpayer dollars go…. About $10 million a year disappears into the PMO with zero accountability.” Stephen Harper promised accountability. He has delivered the least accountable, most secretive and Draconian government in Canadian history.’

image from portagelisgargreenparty.ca.

train2-from-dsfThe headline says it all: ‘Great public transit makes for a great city‘.

image from the david suzuki foundation.

Sunday Videos And Monday Music

elvis-costello-veronica_music-from-www.dailymotion.comHave you ever watched the video for Veronica? If you’re like me and you haven’t, it’s never too late. (thanks to ta)

image from dailymotion.com.

I agree with Tom Allen: the 1979 movie Hair was lousy, but *the bass playing (played by Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb) is amazing!* Ragni and Rado, the original lyricists, stated: ‘Any resemblance between the 1979 film and the original Biltmore version, other than some of the songs, the names of the characters, and a common title, eludes us.’ According to Time Out, the film is a ‘smug, banal fairytale-with-a-message, redeemed only by the intermittently imaginative staging of the songs; [it] sounds, and for the most part looks, like a National Lampoon parody of some ghastly Swinging Sixties compendium.’ But the bass playing is amazing.

image from wikipedia.

gator strut by mike marshall n chris thile from ytEver see, I don’t know what it’s called, a bass mandolin? A bando?

Oh, it’s a mandocello.

A hundred years ago I would’ve known that.

image from youtube.

signature-series-van-gogh-from-cbcIf I were a key signature, would I be E-flat minor?

image from the cbc.

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