Homogeneity–‘a growing, creeping and crawling sameness’

rogue-primate‘There is … a growing, creeping and crawling sameness that is the utter antithesis of ecological and evolutionary process. The natural singularity and unique identity of the several continents are fast dissolving; it is becoming one homogeneous world. And … simpler as well. Nature thrives on diversity…; anything that tends to reduce the normal complexity of interrelationships is biologically destructive.’ (39) We have accidentally or intentionally introduced invaders, but ‘there is no going back to continental ecologic integrity.’ (43) The domesticated species (that Peter Scott calls ‘the wrecking crew’)–including the horse, donkey, cattle, oxen, goat, dog, cat, and sheep–proliferate with us, greatly diminishing or even extinguishing the variety of local flora and fauna, that fit very well within their ecological niche but nowhere else. (44-48) The current rate of extinction is very rapid and increasing, and coincides with the proliferation of domesticate ‘Numero Uno’, us. ‘We have reduced, simplified, homogenized, and pauperized Nature everywhere’. (48-51)

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