why i write

why bother writing, especially since i type with only one finger and it’s oh so slow?

well, first of all i do it for myself–i’ve been writing since i was 7 or 8–i’m not going to stop now–in a way, i can’t help myself, for i seem to have this compulsion–i do it to explore myself, to refine what i think and say–it’s also a public diary that helps to answer what was i thinking–it has something to do with self-actualization (which may be the same as finding the divine)–when i write i feel creative, ecstatic at times–when i write i mostly forget i’m handicapped

second, it’s my legacy especially for my kids, but also for you, for persons unknown alive or yet to be born

finally (?), writing has something to do with divinity, which brings me full circle….

i hope that we’ll get thru this in ten or a hundred or a thousand or million years–or maybe not, not this time, who knows?

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