The Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Movements

biopiracyIronically,  just after Dr Morgentaler died, I post about the pro-choice and pro-life movements, which Shiva says are ‘both based on a patriarchal construction of women and reproduction [‘by male medical practitioners’ of ‘a maternal-fetal conflict in which life is seen only in the fetus, and the mother is reduced to a potential criminal threatening her baby’s life’].’ (59) Doctors have years of Western, male-centred science. None alive today has the chastening experience of living in a concentration camp. This book is from 1997, but even now midwives and home-births and compassionate medical professionals like Dr Morgentaler are a rarity, I bet, and Shiva’s arguments are still valid; even so, is Shiva prone to rhetorical simplification, omitting home-births and other natural, women-centred practices?

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