As I Begin

rogue-primateAlthough he’s a deep and original thinker and keen observer, sometimes I find Livingston stylistically a little verbose–sometimes a lot. For example, he writes ‘permitted to continue to exist’ whereas I would have written more simply ‘allowed to exist’ (in fact, I did, before double-checking) or ‘an extension of the human apparatus’ as ‘a human extension’.

A task, then, is to précis and re-interpret Rogue Primate, but then I risk losing his flavour, or worse, missing or misconstruing one of his ideas.

Also, there is something to be gained by reading it over slowly. Twice. Anything worth doing is worth doing again.

My real goal is to entice you to read Rogue Primate. Oh, I have other goals as well, such as to discover others, or compare his ideas with the likes of Thomas Berry or Vandana Shiva. Or I may hyperlink to Rachel Carson or Arne Næss, for example.

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