Semisweet–Four Stories In Chocolate

semisweet-program_0-from-tvoTonight [2013-05-29] we watched a doc called Semisweet: Life In Chocolate that juxtaposed four stories: two promoters in Hershey, Pa; Ron and Nadine, who craft a very pure, very cosmic chocolate bar; Patrick, an award-winning French chocolatier-cum-sculptor; and former, current, and wannabe cacao field-workers in Coté d’Ivoire, many of whom are children. There is juxtaposition between the stories–for example, the gaity in Hershey juxtaposes the poverty in Coté d’Ivoire. There is also juxtaposition within each story–there is no longer a chocolate factory in Hershey (in fact it’s moved offshore) though perhaps you wouldn’t know (or wouldn’t care), for there’s a Hershey theme park, a virtual Hershey’s chocolate factory tour, and a Hershey hotel; Patrick (the French chocolatier) now seeks to raise awareness about the destruction of the Amazonian and Indonesian rainforests being destroyed to make way for, among other things, cacao fields; hands-on, Ron and Nadine can make five chocolate bars an hour, tops, but they have plans to make a thousand a day; some (many? all?) of the cacao field-workers have never tasted chocolate. Not only can you watch the doc online here, but you can find out more here. image from tvo.

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