Summer Ice–Days Of The Week

Tubey Tuesday• tonight [2013-05-21] we watched ‘walking man’ fly to the faroe islands. although he mentioned the traditional whale hunt, he didn’t mention that ‘the chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands have recommended that pilot whales no longer be considered fit for human consumption because of the levels of toxins in the whales.’

image of waterfalls from the national geographic.
image of whaling from wikipedia.

Wednesday Panorama ice Vicki-arctic-snow-blowing-from-wwf.careal summer ice from the high arctic

we watched hockey night in canada [2013-05-22]. what’s wrong with playing ice hockey in late may? well, nowadays ice is totally artificial. i mean, it’s supposed to be a winter sport. but moreover, it reassures us of our illusory mastery over and separation from nature. i bet the folks in the scotiabank place weren’t thinking about that.

images from,,, and


_67732362_caffeinecomp624-from-bbcJon Kelly of the Beeb reports and asks, ‘US officials are investigating the safety of caffeine in snacks and energy drinks, worried about the “cumulative impact” of the stimulant – which is added to a growing number of products. Is our tea and coffee-fuelled society too dependent on the world’s favourite drug?’ (thanks to ta)

images from the BBC.


It’s Maude Barlow’s birthday [2013-05-24]! Judge Richard Mosley finds ‘that electoral fraud occurred during the 41st General Election’ and that ‘the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls [aka ‘robocalls’] was the … database maintained and controlled by the CPC [Conservative Party of Canada].’ Nice birthday present for this watchdog of democracy! (thanks to sh)

image from wikipedia.

Saturday Serious Stuff

suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mDavid Suzuki writes that in the early Seventies, ‘people started to recognize that nature’s bounty isn’t bottomless and that human activities often strain the Earth’s limits. Across Canada and the U.S., faced with society’s perpetual penchant for economic growth as an end unto itself, many people started to advocate for protecting nature…. [Ontario] introduced legislation in 1971, and then revised it, passing an improved Endangered Species Act in 2007, which scientists and conservationists now consider the gold standard of wildlife protection law…. Sadly, we seem to be entering a new phase: environmental deregulation. Now, when habitat needs to be protected to ensure the survival of a species, government and industry often balk and backpedal. This signals a failure to understand that we depend on nature for our well-being and survival. The web of living things cleanses, replenishes and creates air, water, soil and photosynthetic energy. Species in danger of extinction inform us that our activity is undermining the very life support systems of the planet…. Now, we have an opportunity to be heard before a change is made, as the government of Ontario has not yet passed its proposed exemptions to the Endangered Species Act. Politicians need to know that people care about at-risk plant and wildlife populations. You can make a difference by calling cabinet ministers or MPPs to let them know you oppose the deregulation trend. Visit to learn more.’ image by kevin van passen.

dont-panic-and-carry-a-towel-from-tumblrOh, it’s Towel Day [2013-05-25]. (thanks to n from dortmund) image from tumblr.

Despite the chilling wind, we planted fruit trees at the community gardens.

Sunday Comics

As a programmer I used to work for a pointy hair. We’re still friends. Actually, I was never as good as Dilbert nor did he ever micromanage.



Nor did we ever break into song. Ever.

Monday Music

jian-w-mf-from-yt• Jian then (<==, 1998) and now (==>, 2013). And tomorrow?

• Beautiful song, beautiful images, but my French isn’t up to the task. Good thing a picture’s worth a thousand words, and we find meaning even in the indescribable.

images from youtube and wikipedia.

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