‘We Are All Corals Now’–Days Of The Week


margaret-wertheim-from-smh.com.au-01Institute For Figuring Director Margaret Wertheim presented
‘We Are All Corals Now’
–‘a metaphor for human action in the face of global warming’
image from theiff.org.

overnight at the gh

Wednesday Panorama

crocheted corals




images from theiff.org.


Comparing lyric coloratura Beverly Sills to dramatic coloratura Joan Sutherland. image of sills from wikipedia.

• we watched the lowly grass overcome the mighty tree


vanier-and-gulls-from-larche-ca‘In the paths of our existence, there are at times obstacles, rocks barring the road. If these obstacles appear too great or if we, through fatigue or other reasons, are deflated, then we sit and weep, unable to advance…. But then comes change: winter changes to spring, we meet a friend, we rest, forces awaken in our bodies, life seems to surge once more.’–Vanier. image from l’arche.ca.

• read rogue primate at grounded coffee

Saturday Serious Stuff

kids of all ages banner-from-winningkidsinc.caConcerning children and poverty, medical doctor Dreyer says, ‘ ”It’s critical to get people out of poverty, but in addition our focus has to be on also giving families supports for other aspects of their lives — parenting, interventions in primary care, universal preschool.” ‘ An economist adds that there is no ‘recovery strategy stronger than committing to early childhood and K-through-12 investment.” Think for a moment of poverty as a disease, thwarting growth and development, robbing children of the healthy, happy futures they might otherwise expect. In the exam room, we try to mitigate the pain and suffering that are its pernicious symptoms. But our patients’ well-being depends on more, on public health measures and prevention.’ (thanks to bb.)  image from winningkidsinc.ca.

• gardening at the community gardens; we watched a doc that wonders why some australian pelicans leave the shore and fly into the desert

Pick a talk, any talk:
Peter Ward presents evidence about mass extinctions that isn’t exactly New-Agey/Gaia/SETI-friendly
DANGER! The 4 i’s–involvement, imagination, invention, innovation–can lead to curiosity, discovery, and gecko feet
Who really rules?–Tierney Thys explores how life came to land
The beautiful tricks of flowers

image of thys from ted.

Sunday Fluff

fridge-magnets-from-howmagicworks.comHere’s a neat idea from Arlen Rutledge,
applicable to just about everything, not just books:
‘For my next book idea, I’m consulting the fridge. ‘
image from howmagicworks.com.

Fluffy in a different sense–How did feathers evolve?

little-brown-bat-by-sarah-rydgren--from-cwf-fcf.orgNon-fluff. Bats don’t have feathers, but they fly, and some eat lots and lots of mosquitoes. A continuation about the little brown bat: the CWF warns that ‘a disease called white-nose syndrome (WNS) is wiping out entire colonies, and it is spreading fast…. We’re concern[ed] about the future of bat populations and what will happen when entire colonies are wiped out. How will it affect biodiversity? How will it affect mosquito populations? When one species is threatened, it affects so many others.’ Including us humans. Here’s one way you can get involved. image by sarah rydgren from cwf-fcf.org.

Monday Music

lee-harvey-osmond-from-cbcLeE HaRVEY OsMOND is the eyeball and the ear of Tom Wilson [Junkhouse, Blackie And The Rodeo Kings], who grew up’ in Hamilton, Ontario. ‘ “The Folk Sinner” is the title of the new album made from society’s transgressions, as seen and heard by LeE HARVey OsMOND, who once wrote that he is in love with the system that keeps him down.’

• rain!

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