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ft14-from-tf~.caSomebody at The Karma Marketplace writes,’FairTrade Fortnight is about taking a moment to reflect on what it means to purchase FAIRTRADE certified goods.’

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Esperanza_Spalding1-from-wpEsperanze_Spalding-singing-from-wpEsperanza_Spalding-j-bass-from-wpWednesday Panoramaesperanza spalding, pt. 1

The amazing Esperanza Spalding. By the way, ‘esperanza‘ means ‘hope’ in Spanish.

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Free-The-Slaves-Benefit-Dec-4th-2012-from-espranzaspalding.comSpalding supports Free the Slaves, which ‘believes that spreading the word about slavery is critical to ending slavery and human trafficking…. Businesses must clean up their supply chains and consumers must demand slavery-free products, governments and international institutions must toughen enforcement and fund anti-slavery work worldwide, activists and advocates must educate the vulnerable about their rights and empower those in slavery to take a stand for freedom. And you must take a stand, too. Get educated, get activated. Donate. Participate. And spread the word.’

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Bhutan has replaced Gross National Product with Gross National Happiness as the measure of the country’s well-being–other countries are following suit. image of king wangchuk from wikipedia.

Saturday Serious Stuff

World_ocean_map-from-wp David Suzuki writes, ‘With the world’s longest coastline, Canada is truly an ocean nation. But there’s little being done to protect our marine environment…. Please join Ocean Keepers now. Whether you have just a few minutes a month, or are ready to be a community ambassador, everyone can play a role to protect our oceans.’
image from wikipedia.

Canada Should Stand Up to the Chemical Industry and Protect Bees Remember last week‘s jubilation that Europe banned bee-killing pesticides? May urges all Canadians ‘to follow the European Commission’s lead’ and ‘sign a petition to protect bees and ban neonicotinoids.’
image from elizabeth may’s newsletter.

Peter Robinson of the David Suzuki Foundation writes,

‘Your support helped us achieve important results [right]…. You are the power behind beneficial change in Canada that has an impact on the whole world.’ image from

coffee with bg in the morning–we caught up on each others’ kids and talked about livingston in the arctic and banjos; in the evening km and i went to st paul’s to hear vox huronia do beatles songs.

Sunday Videos Margaret Wertheim explores crocheting and geometry inspired by coral and Janet Echelman combines traditional craft with modern technology
Don Lincoln introduces dark matter and Patricia Burchat talks about dark matter and dark energy–mysterious stuff that makes up 96% of the universe
Consider MADRE, which ‘works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and other human rights.’ Or consider what Louise Leakey does with her mother.

image by Wally Skalij (LA Times).


Monday Music Radio Song
Crowned & Kissed
, live, or official release
To get the full effect, watch a full concert!

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gc--coffee01Finally, Grounded Coffee roasts and brews only FAIRTRADE coffees and bakes very yummy nibblies!

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