Best Of The Best

bdbWillett saves the best for the last. In the concluding pages, for example, he writes, ‘With brain injury … you must first deal with the unpleasant and frustrating parts of recovery before you can celebrate the victory phase of life.’ Like John Denver sings, ‘ I fiddle when I can, work when I should ‘.

Or his image of a coat of many colours, which we’re all born with, ‘full of energy and excitement, love and wonder, imagination and dreams but sadly after a brain injury so many of us seem to sew on new dark patches of fear and anxiety, stress, doubt and disbelief in oneself. Eventually … [we end up] believing that there is no hope, so why even try.’

But the best of the best is what he learned long before his brain injury: ‘If you have anything to give, even your time, you will never be poor.’

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