Last Tuesday Was Gerda Lerner’s Birthday–Days Of The Week Tuesday

Gerda Lerner said, ‘Women have always made history as much as men have, not ‘contributed‘ to it, only they did not know what they had made and had no tools to interpret their own experience. What’s new at this time is that women are fully claiming their past and shaping the tools by means of which they can interpret it.’
image from wikipedia.

cbc-harper-from-sumofus.orgcbc-pie-logo-from-actuallywecreateWednesday Panorama

SumOfUs writes, ‘Just imagine David Suzuki [or] Anna Maria Tremonti … being controlled by Harper and his cabinet. Sign our urgent petition to keep the CBC independent.


THIS-MAN-from-cbcJohn Lennon said, ‘I used to be cruel to … any woman…. That is why I am always on about peace, you see…. I will have to be a lot older before I can face in public how I treated women as a youngster.’ Andrea Warner posts on the CBC that ‘Lennon didn’t get the chance to live to be old enough to confront his violent self, nor did he live in a time when that was expected of him. [Chris] Brown can and does have that opportunity. Comparing Brown and Lennon … illustrate[s] failings and flaws in our culture that perpetuate privilege and stereotyping. Chris Brown deserves condemnation. So does John Lennon; he is not a god. Nobody deserves to be beaten. Of course these things should be obvious. But they’re not. So we have to keep saying them.’
image from the cbc.


bee1_1_460x230-from-avaazAVAAZ announces, ‘Europe just banned bee-killing pesticides! … People-power, science and good governance came out on top!’ (thanks to SH)
image from

Pete Seeger‘s birthday. He said, ‘A lot of white people in America could apologize for stealing land from the Indians and enslaving Africans. Europe could apologize for worldwide conquest…. But I think the thing to do is look ahead.’ At one time, he asked, ‘Will we ever learn?’ but stated emphatically, ‘We shall overcome‘, because everything under heaven turns! turns! turns!
image from wikipedia.

•sue went birding, i went triking. summery–hard to believe it snowed last week. chatted with ute about teens and politicians–both seem hard of hearing.

Saturday Serious Stuff

crc-from-tumblrThe Combahee River Collective (1980) reminds us that ‘feminism is the outgrowth of countless generations of personal sacrifice, militancy, and work by our mothers and sisters.’
image from tumblr.

Peggy Seeger’s “Gonna Be An Engineer”.
image from wikipedia.

Jody-2012_2_Credit-Greg-Gorman-from-nobelwomensinitiative.orgJody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, ‘struggles to reclaim the real meaning of peace – a concept which goes far beyond the absence of armed conflict and is defined by human security, not national security. Williams believes that working for peace is not for the faint of heart.  It requires dogged persistence and a commitment to sustainable peace.’
image from

01-from-urbanbee.comUrban bees, rooftop gardens, bow ties. Bees pollinate for free as they go from flower to flower, looking for nectar, some of which they consume and some of which they store, making honey. Noah Wilson-Rich points out that urban bees co-evolved with humans and contribute to community gardens, gourmet foods, classroom hives, and more.
image from

•triked to the gardens

Sunday Animation

big-data-from-ed.ted.comThese videos on investigating the beginning of the universe and exploring on the Big Data frontier are cool. As you’ll see, we’re riding the waves caused by Big Data’s splash. However, do we strive for a humane future, or a technological one? How do we promote sisterly and brotherly love caring for each other, not Big Brother watching us? One hope for Big Data is fusion, with its potential for clean, abundant, inexpensive energy, which might be needed in a just future. By the way, although there are female physicists in these videos (yay!), all the physicists look White (not so yay).
image from ted.

omats-from-ovguide.comAnd now for something completely different:

Hemingway’s Old Man battles a huge fish in this beautifully animated film. (thanks to TA)
image from the film.

visited terri and lisa

Monday Music

6ve-from-6ve~com• Here’s a piece sung by Six Vocal Ensemble
• Here, it’s sung by the original singers, in case you were wondering why it sorta sounds familiar
(thanks to SM)
• The CBC celebrates Music Monday. i started singing in choirs in grade 4, playing trombone and piano in grade 8, bass when i was 17, and guitar at 19. you’re never too old–started playing jazz in my 30s and banjo and ukulele in my 40s. even though i’m disabled now, i’m still writing songs.
image from

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