the combahee river collective statement [crcs] 1980

crc-from-tumblrone thing leads to another:

….=>easwaran=>flinders=>lerner=>landsberg=>mcintosh=>crcs=>Frances Harper/Ida B. Wells Barnett/Mary Church Terrell/Sojourner Truth/Harriet Tubman=>???

The Combahee River Collective was a Black feminist Lesbian organization active in Boston from 1974 to 1980. They are perhaps best known for developing the Combahee River Collective Statement, a key document in the history of contemporary Black feminism and the development of the concepts of identity as used among political organizers and social theorists.’

The Raid at Combahee Ferry was a military operation during the American Civil War’ led by Harriet Tubman, ‘the only woman to plan and lead such a military raid. The Union ships transported more than 750 slaves freed by the raid, and many of the men joined the Union Army.’

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