socialist–not the NDP anymore

NDP_eng_4-colstar: ‘The [NDP] constitution’s new preamble … relegates the phrase “democratic socialism” to a paragraph about traditions and replaces references to social ownership and the rejection of profit-making to support for a rules-based economy’.

  • why was ‘socialist’ removed?–star: ‘to modernize the party [why? is socialism old-fashioned?] and convince Canadians they are ready to govern [by removing a word, even a concept?] …; to reach outside its traditional base to have a chance at defeating Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the 2015 election.’–star: Bill Blaikie opposed the 2011 version of the preamble [cbc: ‘because he felt it lacked a reference to democratic socialism’] but helped draft the latest one [cbc: because ‘it includes language taken straight out of Layton’s letter to Canadians’]. He said, ‘ “What this preamble does is maintain our uniqueness, retain the essentials and maintain the momentum so that one day we cannot just have a unique left-wing party in Canada, we can have a unique, left-wing Canada.” ‘
  • who opposed?–star: ‘Farshad Azadian, a young delegate from Toronto, argued the party would do better by moving to the left. “We have to fight the corporate right-wing ideas of the Conservatives with the bold alternative to capitalism [such as?],” Azadian said to quite a few cheers.’ cbc: Some ‘speakers argued the party would appeal less to Quebec voters and said that moving the party to the centre was the wrong move.’
  • where do socialists go now? dunno. fringe parties?
  • are the ndp moving to the centre [yes, according to the cbc, see above], encroaching on traditional liberal turf?–star: ‘Mulcair and the NDP are clearly thinking the best way to counter any potential rise in fortunes for that party is to try to squeeze them out of the conversation…. [Mulcair] rejected all suggestions of electoral co-operation with the Liberals, creating the impression that the NDP is counting on the Liberals to do even worse in 2015 under Trudeau than they did in 2011 under then leader Michael Ignatieff.’
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