Writing the Revolution-from-secondstorypress.caIn Writing The Revolution, Landsberg likens second-wave feminism to a snowball, which ‘got bigger and bigger as it rolled, it picked up all sorts of little debris (factions, arguments, in-fighting), and heavier and heavier, it rolled to a stop. Gradually, that stalled snowball melted into little rivulets, streams, and brooks, trickling into and infiltrating every aspect of society. Feminist achievements became so much a part of the mainstream that the movement seemed to dissipate.’ (35) So what happened? Here’s a bit of Canadian history: ‘The more laws we got through legislatures and the courts, the more equality we demanded and won … — the more those with established power resisted us…. Brian Mulroney [and] successive prime ministers, Liberal and Tory, slashed more and more … as the country veered right and deficits–rather than equality or the public good–became the dominant concern.’ (35)

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