Wimoweh–Days Of The Week

Nine of us gathered at Pat’s to plan this year’s planting of things to eat at the Community Gardens, and to get ready for Earth Day (some day every day will be recognized as Earth Day). Eventually, the ground will thaw and we’ll plant trees and shrubs. In the meantime…
image from wikipedia.

Wednesday Panorama
images of the weavers circa 1948 and 1981 from wikipedia, ronnie gilbert from folkmusicarchives.org, pete seeger from wikipedia, fred hellerman from discogs.com, and lee hayes from folklife.si.edu.

Order-and-DisorderTonight [2013-04-18] we watched Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Part 2 of Order and Disorder on TVO. Is the universe really just a lot of information? Is that information binary or unary? It’s digital (like CDs) versus analog (like vinyl), or differentiation versus mysticism, or Christianity versus Manichaeism, all over again. image from tvfinternational.com.


Weavers-from-theozhiztoryblog-blogspot-caIn February 2006 The Weavers received the Lifetime Achievement Award given out annually at the Grammy awards show. Represented by members Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman, they struck a chord with the crowd as their struggles with political witch hunts during the 1950s were recounted. “If you can exist, and stay the course — not a course of blind obstinacy and faulty conception — but one of decency and good sense, you can outlast your enemies with your honor and integrity intact,” Hellerman said.’ image from theozhiztoryblog.blogspot.ca.

Saturday Serious Stuff

pipeline-from-deepresource.wordpress.comNothing newly serious happened this week, apart from a bombing in Boston.  Just the usual, you know, pipelines, trade deals, electoral reform….
image from deepresource.wordpress.com.

Sunday Funnies/Comics

Nothing funny happened either, so we watched a couple of docs on the British monarchy–first, from George III to Victoria and Albert–then, about Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother, who was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, during WWII distributed food, smuggled medical supplies, and courageously hid Jews in her modest Athens apartment (Prince Philip said, “I suspect that it never occurred to her that her action was in any way special. She was a person with a deep religious faith, and she would have considered it to be a perfectly natural human reaction to fellow beings in distress.”), and became a nun. In between docs we had a visit from ‘sweet and nutty’ (her reference to her preference in cookies) Karen and Laura, who brought a Good Lovelies‘ CD.
image of princess alice from wikipedia.

Monday Music
The Weavers–Irene Goodnight
Pete Seeger–Wimoweh (solo
or group)
Frazey Ford–Firecracker

Molly Johnson–Streets of Philadelphia
The Good Lovelies–Crabbuckit and Baby, I Got My Way
image from goodlovelies.com.

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