The Final Adjustments–Removing Goddess And Self


‘The third crucial stage in the development of patriarchy had to do with the ways in which women are seen and see themselves, particularly vis-à-vis the sacred,’ Flinders (author of At The Root Of This Longing) writes (116-119) and notes that ‘Hebrew monotheism first emerged as an attack on the cults of various female goddesses. With the book of Genesis, procreativity itself was ascribed to a male god, and female sexuality outside of procreation was deemed sinful.’ One’s sense of the sacred is closely tied to one’s sense of self, but as one’s sense of the sacred changes gender, what happens to one’s sense of self? Flinders quotes Lerner, who says that for thousands of years, ‘women have participated in the process of their own subjugation because they have been psychologically shaped so as to internalize the idea of their own inferiority.’ In the final adjustments, goddess and female self are removed, obliterated. Not only do they not exist independent of men, they never did. History is rewritten, the story retold.

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