Spring Is In The Air

community_gardens-from-usask-caSpring is in the air, and not a moment too soon. Whether long or short, winter is winter, a time when things don’t grow. But now until harvest, it’s time to grow things, time to garden. Too cold still outside? Start indoors with seeds in a cup on the kitchen windowsill, and they’ll be ready to go outside when things warm up. This is a very special time, because you can watch them sprout, without having to change out of your jammies. When the nights are warm enough, transplant them to the garden. Backyard, front, balcony, it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s sun. Even if you don’t have space, maybe a friend or neighbour does. Or maybe there’s a group or local community garden you can join. Come harvest-time, sell  the best and eat the rest. (Well, don’t eat anything rotten–compost that.) image from usask.ca.

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One Response to Spring Is In The Air

  1. shelleyshell says:

    Love it! Seeds sprouting offer hope of new beginnings and abundance!

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