Waves–Days Of The Week


‘But they heap themselves on me; they sweep me between their great shoulders; I am turned; I am tumbled; I am stretched, among these long lights, these long waves, these endless paths, with people pursuing, pursuing.’
–Rhoda, The Waves by Woolf

image from wikipedia.

Wednesday Panorama

trc01trc02trc-link-to-oped-by-van-moorsel-from-thewgig-com8th-fire-anim-from-cbcimages of ‘born this way’ and kids at a residential school from trc.ca, of residential school memorial from thewhig.com, of the 8th fire from the cbc.


naheed_nenshi-from-larcheBeth Porter, editor at l’Arche, interviews Naheed Nensi, mayor of Calgary and ‘passionate Calgarian, an academic, an accomplished business professional, and a man with a strong social conscience and community values. He has a reputation for thinking outside the box.’ I wonder what he thinks of the tar sands?
image from l’arche.


vanier-and-gulls-from-larche-caVanier (very Roman Catholic) writes, ‘We all belong to the universe; we all receive from it and give to it; we are all parts of a whole. The danger for people today is to forget that and to think that they are the centre; that everyone else is there for them. People must die to this form of destructive egoism and be reborn in love, where they learn to receive from others and to give to them.’

CAROL-FLINDERS-IN-2006-from-marinij-comFlinders (very not-Roman Catholic) writes that ‘I had come to understand more clearly the relationship between third world poverty and first world consumption patterns and to see that colonialism hadn’t gone away at all, only “morphed” into a form of oppression far more malign for its being so faceless. I’d forged a whole new set of connections.’

images of vanier from l’arche.ca, of flinders from tworock.org.

Saturday Serious Stuff

Elizabeth_May-by-Karen FoxMay quotes former Ambassador to the United Nations Robert Fowler: ‘Canada’s diplomatic corps is shocked [by Canada pulling out of the UN Convention to Combat Drought and Desertification.] [Fowler called] our withdrawal from the treaty “a departure from global citizenship…. It (the Harper administration) has taken climate-change denial, the abandonment of collective efforts to manage global crises and disregard [for] the pain and suffering of the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa (among many others) to quite a different level.” Another former Ambassador to the United Nations, Paul Heinbecker, agreed that the move was both inexplicable and bound to confirm to the international community that Canada cared nothing for climate action, nor for the fate of Africa.’
image by karen fox.

kids-sharing-ice-cream-from-selfishgiving-comDoes Harper lack empathy? McCallum writes that Weinstein and colleagues ‘demonstrated that when individuals were immersed in nature, they were more caring towards others. Researchers have also linked empathy with nature exposure. This includes both empathy for the natural world and empathy for other human beings. Other studies have shown that nature exposure improves cognitive functioning … [and] mood, reduces stress and fatigue, and improves self-reported well-being.’
image from selfishgiving.com.

Grandmother comforting granddaughterShe concludes that ‘we are missing out on the social and health benefits that nature provides. We are a society fixated on our technologies, with negative effects on our health, social interaction, and the environment. In order to enhance social and environmental sustainability, we should lessen our dependency on our phones, computers and televisions  and instead spend time enjoying the natural environment. Our health, society and the environment would all benefit from a conscious effort to get outdoors.’
image from image from aloftyexistence.wordpress.com.

Sunday Animation

The-song-catcher_50458_XLThe Song-Catcher
Log Driver’s Waltz

image from the nfb.

Monday Music

130104_wingsoflove-FROM-SHUGGIEOTISMUSIC-COMShuggie Otis–Inspiration Information–1974
Yo-yo Ma plays Bach
The Be Good Tanyas–Lakes Of Pontchartrain
(which are near New Orleans)

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  1. shelleyshell says:

    Awesome! Thanks Peter! I enjoy your words!

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