The Story Of Stuff–Days Of The Week

Today it was announced by the federal government that
they’ll convert a natural gas pipeline to an oil pipeline,
add to it,
and use it to ship oil to eastern ports for export.
Did somebody hand the prime minister a map of Canada from sea to sea to sea,
and he said, ‘Hey! There are no supertanker ports and no oil pipelines feeding them on any coast! Gotta fix that.’?
Pipelines to the west, pipelines to the north, pipelines to the east–here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
When will this madness end?
image from wikipedia.

  • slept after doing an overnight at ootc

Wednesday Panorama
Just a few of the beautiful creatures that could go away forever in my lifetime.
red-lemur-from-amazonawsimages of red lemur from amazonaws, of polar bear, condor, tiger, and great white shark from wikipedia.

mntn-pine-beetle-from-the-cbcWe watched ‘The Beetles are Coming‘ on The Nature Of Things.
‘A creature the size of a grain of rice is moving eastwards, destroying Canada’s forests.’ The beetles have evolved with no known predators; only the cold has stopped them, but the climate is warming up, perhaps too quickly for evolution.
image from the cbc.

vanier1-by-?-from-van-sunVanier writes (Our Journey Home, 159), ‘In the course of my experience at L’Arche, I have discovered four principles:

  1. the principle of reality
  2. the principle of growth
  3. the principle of nourishment
  4. the principle of finality’

Saturday Serious Stuff
Elizabeth_May-by-Karen Fox
May writes, ‘Despite the exuberance of Joe Oliver’s rhetoric, double-hulls possess no magical powers. Their use has not ended the risk of accidents and oil spills. Collisions with barges and freighters have caused oil spills of millions of litres in ports around the world. Double hulls can be sliced open and oil spills out.’
image by karen fox.

cooperate-title-from-leadnow‘A new national Environics poll shows that Canadians think our democratic system is broken, overwhelmingly favour proportional representation, and are willing vote for cooperation candidates…. Cooperation and electoral reform have been major topics of debate between the two top candidates, Joyce Murray and Justin Trudeau.’
image from leadnow.

Sunday Funnies/Comics

howtodestroyangels-from-spiritofrock-comMonday Music
image of half of How To Destroy Angels

  • sno back from tor; i’m reading woolf
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