Stars!–Days Of The Week

Tubey Tuesday
Tonight [2013-03-26]…

  • Torrance-Barrens-The-Land-Between-Film-from-couchichingconserv.caWe started with a doc on TVO about The Land Between, stretching from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario along what is now the Trent-Severn Waterway, where north meets south, the granite of the Canadian Shield meets ancient limestone lake-bed, tall mountains once stood, glaciers have scraped the topsoil away forming rare alvars, many species of birds migrate and Ontario’s only lizard is found and eels swim up from the Sargasso Sea, and where the hunter Anishinaabe (the Odawa, Ojibwe, and Algonquin peoples) coexisted peacefully with the farmer Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois) for centuries before the diseases and fur trade and foreign religion and wars of the French and English changed things. Now pressures from cottagers and the expanding GTA threaten further change to this vulnerable, beautiful land between. But this time we have the opportunity to practise prevention rather than remediation. image of the torrance barrens from
  • Over to the CBC for the Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.
  • Back to TVO to find out how big the universe is.
  • CREE-JOURNEY-FROM-povnet.orgAlso, they may have started like this three months ago, six youths and a guide …
    … but yesterday they finished like
    As Laurie Brown says, no doubt their 1600-km journey
    changed them forever, for better; hopefully we’re changed
    forever, for better, too.
    images from (l) and ctvnews (r).

Wednesday Panorama
hubbleM87Motorcycle DetailsMilky_Way_Night_Sky_Black_Rock_Desert_Nevada-from-wpMilky_Way_Arch-from-wpBrian Swimme quips, ‘There’s an aboriginal group in South America that says in order to become human you must dwell on the immensities of the universe. Let’s look at the converse of that statement. If you don’t dwell on the immensities of the universe, you don’t become human. You become a really good corporate manager.’ I can hardly wait for the snow to melt but before the leaves come out, when I can look up and see the stars. images from wikipedia and from the hubble telescope.

Maundy Thursday
SHARE showed Radiant City, a feature-length NFB film. ‘Venturing into territory both familiar and foreign, [the creators] turn the documentary genre inside out, crafting a vivid account of life in The Late Suburban Age.’
image from wikipedia.

Good Friday
prince-from-ntlworld-comThe Cross
image from

Saturday Serious Stuff
Elizabeth_May-by-Karen Fox
May reminds us that ‘democracy is not a sport. We are not playing on teams, and each individual member has individual rights.’ Can backbenchers assert their rights?
image by karen fox.

Suzuki says that ‘this is Canada’s moment. We are confronting a crisis with the economy and energy. No economy can grow forever; it is simply impossible on a finite planet. Shouldn’t we ask what an economy is for? How much is enough? What are the limits? How do we build a sustainable economy? … suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mNations that export fossil fuel too often become overreliant on that sector. That destabilizes the economy (as we’re seeing in Alberta), distorts priorities … and undermines democracy by holding government hostage…. The future of energy in Canada will determine the fate of our society. It must be widely discussed, nationally as well as provincially, beyond the boundaries of politics and economics. This is about the type of country we will leave to our children and grandchildren.’ These are dark days indeed. But winter and Lent are almost done.
image by kevin van passen.

Easter Sunday Funnies/Comics
Here’s a link to some funny and informative videos, Crash Course World History. However, it is not a pitch for the 99¢ cheeseburger. International trade, with merchants and townspeople and other ordinary folk, doesn’t show up til #9. Til then, it’s gods, kings, emperors, and generals (and a few queens and empresses but no goddesses nor generallesses). Oh, and slaves and people who pick up dung. Hint: sometimes the best bits are at the end.
image from wikipedia.

Easter Monday Music
jcssJesus Christ Superstar (1970–great music and singing; however, it portrays inaccurately Mary as a prostitute).

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