Extreme Ice–Days Of The Week

Wednesday Panorama
EIS_16-by-james-balogMM7792 Melt ZoneEIS_09-by-james-balogMM7792 Melt ZoneJames Balog’s photos document the effects of human-caused climate change.
images by james balog.

bees n gmo cropsThursday

Where have all the bees gone? image from akamaihd.net.


Here are the Context Institute‘s Foundation Stones (only the first two are linked, so stay tuned!):

  1. What Time Is It?–Where are we in the flow of history?
  2. Tools For The Journey–Going beyond the conventional wisdom of the old culture.
  3. How Connected Are We?–How connected are we to each other and to the rest of life?
  4. Living As A Whole Being–Meaning and purpose in life is all about expressing love and creativity and expanding one’s ability to express love and creativity.
  5. Whole-system Economics–In managing the practical aspects of our lives, we need a more whole understanding of real-world economics.
  6. Whole-system Governance–Decision-making for groups of all sizes.
  7. Street Smarts For Change Agents–How best to facilitate change?

image from the context institute.

Saturday Serious Stuff

Elizabeth_May-by-Karen FoxElizabeth May writes, ‘It is galling to hear the lie repeated over and over that the Conservative policies are responsible for reducing emissions. Especially as emissions are rising rapidly, slated to go from 692Mt [megatonnes] in 2010 to 720Mt by 2020.’ GreenlandNASA-from-kairoscanada-orgHowever, NGOs are hard at work suggesting ideas, such as Kairos’ newest policy briefing paper, Time to Refocus Our Approach to Climate Change, ‘which highlights some of the feasible actions we can take to curb greenhouse gas emission beginning with cancelling plans for new tar sands pipelines.’ images of may by karen fox; of greenland from kairos.

suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mDavid Suzuki writes that because of industries operating in the Peace Valley, ‘First Nations, who have relied upon caribou as their primary source of food for thousands of years, can no longer hunt them. This is a clear violation of treaty rights.’ Suzuki concludes, ‘Managing our massive, growing human footprint on this planet more sustainably will require leadership, much of which is emerging from 8th-fire-anim-from-cbcFirst Nations peoples who are on the frontlines of the day-to-day realities of cumulative environmental change. We need to look at the big picture rather than individual elements in isolation.’ image of suzuki by kevin van passen; of the 8th fire from the cbc.

Palm Sunday Comics

ted-ed-no-answersChris Anderson has questions but no answers. What’s the point, then, of asking such questions? Because questions without answers lead to humility. And humility leads to compassion, which might, ironically, lead to surprising answers. But even if there are no answers to be found, the journey seeking them alone is worth it. image from ted-ed.

Monday Music
Yo-yo Ma plays Bach
Yo-yo Ma plays bluegrass
Yo-yo Ma plays with Bobby McFerrin
Here’s a brief gem from Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. No Yo-yo Ma here. Guess he doesn’t take his cello to the beach. image from wikipedia.

TRC_BannerImage_enThe next national event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission takes place in Montreal from April 24 to 27, where former students of the Indian Residential Schools System will gather and tell their stories. image from the trc.

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