Lent 5

‘ “True peace [shanti] cometh from within.” ‘ Easwaran quotes the Buddha, and says, ‘in the practice of meditation, as our minds become more and more still, and as our ego becomes more and more small, there is an ineffable feeling of peace that cannot be disturbed by whatever storms may blow around us in our daily life.’ We develop ‘the very precious capacity to remain on even keel, have equipoise and perfect equilibrium in the midst of the vicissitudes with which life consists.’ image from wikipedia.

‘How we deal with life, how we deal with working with one another, whether it’s nations, organizations, individuals,’ says Christine Easwaran, the ashram ‘is sort of a model for what the universe might be, perhaps.’

Easwaran says, ‘In order to transform our home into an ashram, all that you require is to put the welfare and lasting happiness of your family first.’

Tuesday night [2013-03-12] we watched Part 2 of The Spice Trail, in search of nutmeg and cloves, which took us to a handful of islands in the Indonesian archipelago, hotly contested 400 years ago by the Dutch and the English, which the Dutch brutally won. (Now the Dutch and English are gone, and the spices are grown around the world. In fact, both Indonesia and Grenada produce tons of nutmeg annually, and Zanzibar is the leading producer of cloves.) The English gave up the Spice Islands and instead got New Amsterdam (which they renamed New York).  The islanders got massacred.
images from wikipedia.

On Sunday [2013-03-17] we watched a doc on Charles II. More death.

Shito ergo sum. I stink therefore I am.

paul-chefurka-from-paulchefurka-caPaul Chefurka has posted an article on Thermodynamic Footprint (TF). ‘Unlike the “carbon footprint” that it may superficially resemble, the TF is really a measure of overall human activity.  By implication it measures our impact on the environment, since all human activity has some impact on the planet.  As a result it has quite a different intention than the existing measures of carbon footprint or ecological footprint.  This difference in intention has a direct bearing on discussions of our growing population and consumption.’ image from paulchefurka.ca.

Meanwhile, Robert Gilman posts, ‘If you want to get the full benefit from the Foundation Stones project, I encourage you to look at the Foundation Stones’ Main Thread page and then read any of the Main Thread items you haven’t read yet.’

And Madison Kate offers new photos and thoughts on friendship.

hockey-stick-from-ca-sports-yahoo-comRemember the ‘hockey stick‘, the graph about exponential growth? Here’s an animated TED-ed bit about exponential growth, or how folding paper can get you to the moon.  If you don’t understand exponential growth, it’ll get you nowhere but in trouble. image from ca.sports.yahoo.com.

In this TED-ed, he speaks too quickly (so you’ll need to repeat it) but the topic is fascinating and the animation is great!

The animation is great in this one, too. And this one comes with a neat-o mnemonic! Even better cartooning here as we answer, How do I avoid zits?

Vanier writes in The Paradox of Disability (p. 20), ‘The desire to be loved as a person, as someone unique, is at the source of the person’s development and at the source of all self-esteem.’

Remember too Mike Nickerson’s When Things Seem Overwhelming–It’s Never Too Late? Don’t forget it. It could come in handy.

To be continued….

Easwaran series

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