As spring approaches, rejoice in the growing light––Days Of The Week

Lights performs Siberia in Inuvik
image from the cbc.

beetbask2-from-karmaSomebody at the Karma Marketplace (probably Erin) writes, ‘It is our belief that the food system is not complete until all of us who use it are afforded equal access to the bounty of Huronia’s local food culture.  We depend on community members like you to help us keep this vision alive, especially during the shoulder seasons of slim pickins!’
Got to get back to the garden and set your soul free.
image from karma.


Okay, bags of mostly meat and water.
You can change the world,
says Adam Savage in this partly animated ted-talk,
if you stay curious.
image from wikipedia.

Saturday Serious Stuff
Elizabeth_May-by-Karen FoxElizabeth May writes:
‘ ‘Chilling’ is one word, but it does not seem adequate to [describe this latest development in the muzzling of government scientists].
This is the 21st Century equivalent of the Dark Ages.
This is book burning and superstition run rampant.
This is the administration of a steady, slow drip of poison to a weakening democracy.’
In the comments, Tom Prior expresses the fear and frustration felt by many: ‘The longer we wait the deeper the fascist hole gets, folks. It has happened before.’
image by karen fox.
suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mOne antidote is for kids to spend more time in nature. David Suzuki writes, ‘Being in nature is good for all of us. People who get outside regularly are less stressed, have more resilient immune systems and are generally happier. And it’s good for our kids. Studies show spending time in nature or green spaces helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Even in built playgrounds, kids spend twice as much time playing, use their imaginations more and engage in more aerobic and strengthening activities when the space incorporates natural elements like logs, flowers and small streams.’ image by kevin van passen.

Sunday Funnies/Comics
Rick Mercer is known for his rants.
But I like his fake commercials too
or his fake movies.
As good as anything from Stephen Colbert,
and Canadian too.
Bonus, eh?
The typography in this one is amazing, and she makes a point too.
image from

Monday Music
buke-and-gase-from-xxxBuke and Gase, 6-string baritone ukulele and guitar-bass hybrid
Alt-J, progressive nerds
Brandi Carlile, nice hat
The Punch Brother
, progressive bluegrass
Chilly Gonzales, crowdsurfing classicist
The Photosynthesis Song, with word and pictures!
A classic, yet even more relevant today (thanks to RB)
image of buke and gase from

After exploring the mysteries of the Drake equation and its role in SETI, Jill Tarter finishes with this dilemma: ‘Will our technology help stabilize this planet…. Or will we destroy our world and its inhabitants after only a brief appearance on the cosmic stage?’ Stay tuned. It’s gonna be a long, strange trip….
image from wikipedia.

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