review of community and growth

found this six months (to the day–weird, eh?) later:

vanier1-by-?-from-van-sunthis became hard to read. for years i have received daily snippets of jean vanier’s writing. now i’m reading a whole book. his wisdom is no longer a gloss; it has depth. but his wisdom, or his understanding of his experiences, differs somewhat from mine. his wisdom still flies, but now it has this weight. it struggles to soar.

more specifically, while he eventually (gently) criticizes the (roman catholic) church for becoming overly ecclesiastical and forgetting the poor, he does not transgress doctrine. he promotes transubstantiation, the three-in-one godhead, the primacy of heterosexual families and other beliefs with which i disagree.

this book is not just a manual, but also a personal reflection, for ‘it is important for people in authority to reveal themselves as they are’. for example: ‘i am discovering more and more how hard it is to carry authority. i very quickly come up against a hard and defensive aspect of myself.’ (p 225)

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