8th-fire-anim-from-cbcMagic02-from-vancouveropera-caMy kids also learned (as well as Bach) Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Now, the Vancouver Opera (VO) is putting on a special version of combined with Salish native folklore: ‘Set on the rocky shores and in the ancient rainforests of the Pacific Coast, VO … artfully blends Mozart’s beguiling music with indigenous mythology and visually stunning design. The eternal story of humankind’s search for spiritual harmony will move you; the human characters, spirit-animals and supernatural creatures will delight you.’ Furthermore, the Supreme Court of Canada voted in favour of the Metis. Much of Manitoba, including Winnipeg, is Metis land. Maybe Louis Riel was on to something. Now the fun starts. ‘People are dumb’, says Tom Allen of the CBC–I know I’ve done some pretty dumb things–yet, he goes on, somehow the best prevail. He was speaking about music, but I’m thinking generally, of course. Yeah, we’re kinda dumb; however, we each try our best. But it’s more than we just muddle through. As a future Governor-General Award winner said to me, the cream rises to the top. However, I guess we each have to find our particular brew. images of the 8th fire from the cbc, of the queen of the night from

More magic: Carol Flinder writes, ‘While Pomo women [also of the west coast, but near present-day San Francisco] inherited the patterns for most of their baskets from their mothers and grandmothers, they also received them in dreams. A basket was regarded as a living being, and an extension of the woman who made it – I remember one weaver saying she could look at the “eye” of the basket – its starting point – and guess the state of mind of the woman who was weaving it.’

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