Elisapie Isaac

8th-fire-anim-from-cbcElisapie [eLISapee] has made a great record, Travelling Love. Listen to it. It’s pop music (though her 2005 collaboration, Taima–Inuktitut for that’s all or it is done–is folkie), music from the world, music that roots her in the past, music that gives us all hope for the future, music for 2013. She’s trilingual at least, singing and speaking in English, French, and Inuktitut. She’s from the very north of Quebec, from Salluit, though she lives now in Montreal. She adores fellow Montrealer Leonard Cohen. Wants to serve him tea. Her advice: ‘Life is what you make it.’ ‘Elisapie’ is similar to ‘Elizabeth’, the name of my mother, one of my daughters, a niece, my paternal grandmother–and so it resonates, through the years, through the centuries, like music. images from wikipedia and the cbc.

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