Matilda–Days Of The Week

  • Wednesday
    Consider another point of view.
    If done personally, it’s compassion.
    If done to the official story, it’s heresy.
    Was there really a Pope Joan?
    We may never know.
    But we do know that there have been several queens of England, starting with Matilda in 1141.
    image from britannia.
  • fipa-ont01Thursday
    Many are speaking out against the Canada-China trade deal
    and its unprecedented impact on provinces.
    Please take a minute to share the campaign.
    image from
  • Friday
    CAROL-FLINDERS-IN-2006-from-marinij-comFeminist scholar Dr Carol Lee Flinders teaches at Holy Names University in Oakland. She and Laurel Robertson created the Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook series. ‘In the cookbooks, Flinders describes women as “keepers of the keys” to family and community health…. Flinders believes feminism itself has entered a new phase of life, one that shuns confrontation and connects women today with a “motherline” of mystics who have taken a spiritual path while working for justice and a better society.’
    (See more at the Easwaran Series)
    image from
  • Saturday Serious Stuff
    kulluk-aground-from-greenpeace-org‘Shell has abandoned its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska in 2013. It’s big news. But just the start of something bigger. Now it’s time for President Obama to abandon the idea of Arctic drilling completely and declare the Arctic ‘off limits’ to industrial exploitation, forever.’
    image from us coast guard via greenpeace.

    bachman-from-environmentaldefence-ca‘As Canadian music legend and CBC Radio host Randy Bachman hits the road for the start of his nation-wide Vinyl Tap Tour on February 28th, he will also be bringing a message to his audience: “We Gotta Change.”  During his tour, Bachman will help to raise awareness about chemicals with links to cancer that are found in many commonly used household products in Canada, and how they are affecting human health and the environment.’
    image from

    suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mDavid Suzuki writes that ‘the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Scott Vaughan — released a report suggesting that Canada has a long way to go to protect our coastal ecosystems and oceans. His report questions why Canada has only protected one per cent of our oceans, and cautions that we won’t meet our commitment to protect 10 percent of our oceans for decades to come unless we take action now.’ image by kevin van passen

  • Sunday Funnies
    moon-poopIs there poop on the moon? (sorry ’bout the subtitles)
    The internet help desk (the live, classic version)
    Ye Olde Debunking
    Fart science
    This guy’s a witty writer; don’t understand half of what he’s saying, though.
    image from the video, sort of.
  • Monday
    JeanVanier 2Vanier says, ‘We have been brought up in this technological society where we have been brainwashed. We were told to have this and that in order to be free, in order to be happy. And so people have no experience really of what it means to be free. We are all being somewhere manipulated by a society which is pushing us into a world of material success and privileges but we are not being taught about inner freedom.’
    ‘We are all being told not to go in places of pain. We are told not to look at Africa, not to look at South America. We are being confronted by immense problems about population, about AIDS, about the earth getting hurt and what are we being told? We are constantly being told to be frightened and never to enter into compassion.’
  • Tuesday
    mike-nickersonMike Nickerson writes that ‘helping young adults grasp the new criteria [sustainability, etc] may be the most potent action for change that anyone can take. In the same way that those who have grown up with computers are fully at home using them, those who grow up with an understanding of sustainability will become competent at building a world to fit.’
    image from
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