Suzuki backs Murray

suzuki-by kevin-van-passen-from-g&mFrom The Globe And Mail and The Ottawa Citizen and endorsed by The Sierra Club:

‘David Suzuki has thrown his weight behind Joyce Murray’s bid to become leader of the federal Liberal Party.

The well-known scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster said Thursday he’s endorsing Liberal leadership campaign launch. Oct 2, 2012.Ms. Murray because of what he called her “coherent vision of Canada as a sustainable society”… [and her] proposal for one-time co-operation among Liberals, New Democrats and Greens in 2015 to defeat the Harper Conservatives and implement electoral reform.

In an open letter to Canadians, Mr. Suzuki urged all progressive voters to back Ms. Murray, noting that the Liberal Party has made it possible for anyone – not just card-carrying, dues-paying members – to participate in the selection of its next leader (’ images of suzuki by kevin van passen from the g&m, of murray from

As well, she has gained the support of others, including, actress Sarah Polley, anti-globalization activist Naomi Klein and award-winning author and poet Karen Connelly. Avaaz, which supports electoral co-operation, urges Canadians ‘to participate in the democratic process of the party of their choice.’

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