‘Soundtrack To History’–Days Of The Week

  • Wednesday
    ‘Whenever there has been a pivotal juncture in human culture, it has been accompanied by popular music,… a soundtrack to history.’
    image from wikipedia.
  • Thursday
    ‘I think that we are frightened of going on the right road because it is a road of humility and it is a road of littleness…. And so we’re seduced by the mysterious and the powerful.’–Jean Vanier.
    Music by Groundation.
    image from wikipedia.
  • Friday
    Forsyth-malcolm-from-museevirtuel-virtualmuseum-ca12277Composer Malcolm Forsyth’s inspiration for Atayoskewin, Cree for ‘sacred legend’: ‘I saw this barren land where the tar sands are being developed. It’s a very forbidding land, but it has a kind of majesty which is unmistakable. It’s a very quiet place, and the people who have lived there for so many centuries are a very quiet people….’ (P.S. Atayoskewin , as I note elsewhere, is not quiet, but this other piece, also by the composer, is.)
    image from museevirtuel-virtualmuseum.ca
  • Saturday Serious Stuff
    Elizabeth_May-by-Karen Fox Elizabeth May is concerned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), under negotiation, ‘will undermine the ability of our government to perform effectively. More than just another trade agreement, the TPP provisions could hinder access to safe, affordable medicines, weaken local content rules for media, stifle high-tech innovation, and even restrict the ability of future governments…. Almost everything we have learned about the TPP’s contents comes from leaked documents that the negotiators didn’t want the public to see.
    What Can You Do About The TPP?

    Speaking of leaks, what’s up with them pipelines? David Suzuki writes: ‘Any day now, the U.S. government will approve or reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline…. The priorities set in Ottawa and Washington reach across our planet. It is not only our economies that are interdependent; our air, water and our future are bound together and will be defined by our ability to act on the most important issue facing the planet…. President Barack Obama needs to hear from you now.’
    writes of shared recognition (‘explained in clear and humorous detail in’ RSAnimate’s Language as a Window into Human Nature): ‘While there is a broad consensus that we need to adapt to our full planet, until the public sentiment is known to be known, we will be unable shift society’s efforts toward the new direction…. I’ve found this ‘knowing that people know that everyone else knows’ idea hard to explain. That is why the RSAnimate piece is such a delight. Take the time to watch it and then see how the shared recognition needed for transformation might be advanced by offering an outline of sustainability and encouraging people to pick it apart.’
    Music: Pipeline–the sound isn’t great, but the hair is. So is the rarity of these two legends playing together.
    images: may by karen fox, suzuki by holger motzkau, nickerson from sustainwellbeing.net.
  • Sunday Comics
    rsa_450-from-linesndcolors-comMatthew Taylor explores our 21st century enlightenment, and how it differs from the 18th century variety: living differently means thinking differently. For example, we now talk about ‘sustainability’ and ‘globalization’. We didn’t use to. Are we up to it?
    I find I have to watch it repeatedly, and stop it frequently to think or look stuff up, like ‘animal spirits’, but it’s worth it.
    image from linesandcolors.com.
  • Monday
    Number One Bus by Nuru Kane.jpeg-from-noprodz-comNumber One Bus, about Nuru Kane’s experiences living in south London’s Bermondsey, is possibly the best song written about daily life as a commuter, ever.’
    image from noprodz.com.
  • Tuesday
    thefruithunters-pt1-from-cbc-caI thought because I grew up in the country in Niagara’s fruitbelt, I knew fruit. I know nothing. Oh, I know strawberries from Beamsville taste way better than those from California. My advice? If it’s out of season and out of province, don’t buy it. The Fruit Hunters touch on the blandness of supermarket fruit and journey from Florida to Indonesia to preserve both taste and biodiversity.
    Music: I saw this trio in Guelph; here they are in their native Australia with a full band. Remember, fruit is meant to taste irresistibly delicious.
    image from the cbc.
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