The Purpose Of Human Satellites–Days Of The Week

  • (publish on the 19th; however, today is the 15th and i’m done; now what? i can only do so much editing :). that leaves 21st century winter activities things like listening to the cbc and exploring cyberspace [surfing, browsing])
  • Wednesday
    satellite-Jason-2-from-nasa-gov(Today is the start of Lent; I need a link to something about renunciation; ahh, here’s one, ‘Joys R Us’–what’s so renouncing about that?)
    Research satellites reveal how interconnected everything is, filling middle-aged scientists with child-like wonder. But attrition of ageing satellites means less wonder; and climate change threatens wonder altogether, leaving mere survival (or worse). However, such wonder comes with a hefty technological price-tag, but that must be minuscule compared to what we spend on cars, or cell phones, or what-have-you.
    image of jason 2 from
  • Thursday
    Today is Valentine’s. Because I love this planet, I want to talk about current economics, which falsely model planetary activity.  Nickerson notes that ‘the trees, water and mineral resources are the natural capital on which our economy is founded. We do not account for the draw down of this capital.’ He quotes Hawken: ‘Every business person knows that … [operating from capital] is the sure path to bankruptcy.’
  • Friday
    Elizabeth_May-by-Karen FoxNo more public special days this week.
    Nevertheless, love continues….
    Elizabeth May wonders if ‘the U.S. [is] finally going to move on the climate crisis’ and finds some hope. Will Canada follow suit? suzuki-by-Holger-Motzkau-from-wpDavid Suzuki stresses that ‘we must demand that [our government members] … recognize the crucial role the environment commissioner has in analyzing Canada’s environmental practices and recommending improvements.’
    image of may by karen fox.
    image of suzuki by holger motzkau.
    both from wikipedia.
  • Saturday
    In an upcoming event (at 6pm February 28–which you can join–just follow the link) on the RSA, Don Tapscott shares his thoughts on ‘how new patterns of connection can fulfil their enormous potential in fixing a broken world.’
    image from wikipedia.
  • Sunday Comics
    • Iain McGilchrist looks at the divided brain
    • Why a plethora of choice prevents real choicevideos_banner-from-myblueant-com
    • Are the democratizing benefits of the internet, sometimes called iPod liberalism, an illusion?
    • We may know what we mean, but do we know how to say what we mean? Do others know we know we know, you know?

    image from

  • Monday
    shalizi-from-cmu-eduCosma Shalizi tries to tell us the difference between emerging markets and emergent phenomena, and reminds us that ‘the fantasy of a frictionless, completely market-driven society is just a fantasy, because successful capitalism depends on non-market institutions — schools, police, courts, and all the rest — which are not long along capitalist lines.’
    image of shalizi from
  • Tuesday
    homo-economicus-from-librariemonet-comWhat’s the difference between the competitive Homo economicus and the cooperative Homo reciprocans? Which are we? A bit of both?
    human by da vinci; image from
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