A Question Of Direction–Days Of The Week

Seven links, one for each day of the week (though I kinda cheat on Sunday).

  1. Monday
    Mike Nickerson asks, ‘Do we want to grow until we overwhelm our planet and/or submit to authoritarian control, or shall we acknowledge that the Earth is limited?’
    It’s a question of direction.
    image from sustainwellbeing.net.
  2. Tuesday
    King Creosote recalls that ‘Paddy Fleming was the first in our year to throw a party while his folks were away. From a turntable in the kitchen he played this new record a dozen times in a row, and us silly wee tipsy boys bounced from room to room, bumping into the girls, who then sulked and phoned home early for their lifts.’
    image from wikipedia.
  3. the-ellen-macarthur-foundation-from-chalescommunityproject-comWednesday
    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation promotes circular thinking in the economy. Its partners include Coca-Cola and many others. Personally, I don’t trust corporations like Coke, cuz they’re motivated not by compassion but by money, presently (gotta change that). But they’re not going to go away, so they’ll have to change. Circular thinking promotes good ideas, better than fracking or mountain-top removal.
    image from chalecommunityproject.com.
  4. Midland-trumpeter-swan-from-wpThursday
    Where do I live? What did it look like, in the autumn of 2012? Like Chale (see above) and all others, my community is both unique and universal, a point recognized by film-makers Ashley and Nate. (P.S., I love the gull on the statue.)
    image from wikipedia.
  5. Friday
    Journalist Mellissa Fung was held captive in Afghanistan. After 27 skyless days in a hole she was marched up a mountain. She thought negotiations had soured and they would kill her. That night the sight of the Milky Way amazed her. The next day they released her and she wrote Under an Afghan Sky. Some believe in order to become fully human, you must look at the rest of the universe (however, if you don’t look…). Brian Swimme says ‘the universe shivers with wonder in the depths of the human.’ When’s the last time you looked up? When’s the last time you felt the universe shiver? Are you captivated, or just captive?
    image from wikipedia.
  6. Saturday
    Nickerson writes, ‘Of the world views promoted in the last century, only the life-based ideals embodied by M.K. Gandhi have not been seriously applied. Perhaps, as we witness social malaise, face the problems of resource depletion and pollution, and start to recognize that perpetual growth can not solve all our problems, we might look again at the advice of this 20th Century luminary.’
    image from wikipedia.
  7. videos_banner-from-myblueant-comSunday
    Sit down, put your feet up, watch some videos, and…
    (image from myblueant.com)

    Monstromart-from-the-simpsonsSo now that you’ve chosen, wanna know why, or why? (You choose.) image from the simpsons.

One more choice: to click or not to click: ‘Left And Right, Male And Female, Nonhuman And Human‘.

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