Woke Up

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Woke up, worked out these chords in bed: 1 6m 4/5 1/5. Got dressed, came downstairs, meaning to add words, but by the time I got down, I realized this was similar to ‘Stand By Me’ (1 6m 4/5 1), which became my earworm, especially the Playing For Change version. This makes lyric-writing difficult. Good earworm, though. image from wikipedia.

linda-by-patricia-marraWent to a friend’s life celebration, Linda, who died after a long illness. Saw some old friends, made some new friends. My youngest spoke. She recounted how Linda drove a pregnant but very sick mother-to-be to the hospital, advocated for her, called the midwife. My daughter was born premature, but nearly 18 years later, she and her mom are very much alive. Abortion is a woman’s choice, but it’s so important for all of us to make this a better world. I don’t know if Linda would’ve agreed with the first, but she inspires us all in the second. ‘linda’ by patricia marra.

Feeling overwhelmed? Good, then you’re starting to realize how everything’s connected. Dr Swimme has a counselling sideline to help you with that. Locally, First Nations plan to share their knowledge, as they shared food when settlers first arrived, which we still commemorate as Thanksgiving. And remember what Martin Luther King said: ‘The arc of the universe is long and it bends towards justice.’ So, be patient, be compassionate, and count yourself fortunate to help bring about peace, love, and understanding. image from wikipedia.

8th-fire-anim-from-cbcPeace and love involve understanding the past. In North America, ‘Aboriginals were not always happy with the outcomes of … written treaties – for governments of the time sometimes did not include oral promises made to the Aboriginals in the written treaty. [however, the treaties, written in English, were translated orally; Aboriginals did not have written treaties; some used wampum belts, but always they held oral treaties in the highest regard.] This forms the basis of many land claims today, as Aboriginal leaders demand to be given what they were promised.’ image from the cbc.

Still, us mortals, us ‘creatures of the day’, need results, need signs, now to answer the question posed by Nick Lowe and sung by Elvis Costello:
‘And as I walked on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes

‘Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry.
What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? Ohhhh–
What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?’ image from wikipedia.

Rebecca_Tarbotton-by-HroeyerHere are some signs, some hope, some examples that the arc is bending towards justice:

  • After 18 months of negotiations with Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Disney (yes, Disney, one of the world’s largest publishers) agreed to get all its paper from rainforest-friendly sources….
  • Ecojustice has filed a lawsuit and taken ‘the federal government [of Canada] to task for failing to protect these vulnerable animals and plants.’
  • Greenpeace UK reports that ‘after a tough campaign that’s lasted 10 years, Asia Pulp & Paper … has finally agreed to introduce a new policy that should end the appalling amounts of deforestation it has been responsible for. The pressure you put on companies like Mattel (makers of Barbie), National Geographic and Xerox – all APP customers – persuaded them that being linked to the destruction of Indonesia’s remaining forests wasn’t good business sense. As a result, they all dropped their contracts with APP, and you were well on the way to persuading KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken, world’s 2nd largest fast-food chain] to do the same.’
  • And Ralph Torrie, Managing Director of the David Suzuki Foundation, advises us to ‘get ready for a prosperous future’. image of rebecca tarbotton, ed of ran, by hroeyer.

What’s the opposite of overwhelmed? Surely not underwhelmed. Encouraged?

The other post, the Utne-Reader-like post, practises brevity. It causes me to gestate and rewrite and gestate and rewrite some more. But brevity in that post has its ultimate purpose in the reader’s call for read’em quick, got-not-time, got-to-put-the-kids-to-bed. Yet as I edit it to be utilitarian, I edit me out. This post puts me back in.

The internet is like a library, but larger. Even a library is overwhelming–there are too many books to read. But unlike a library with its selective librarian, you can read or watch anything on the internet–porn, conspiracy theories, whatever confirms your bias. Who but you chooses, catalogs, circulates, reads, maybe comments? You’re reading this. Why?

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