‘green is the new black’

The call goes out for brevity….

I’m writing my personal thoughts in a separate post; what follows are links to some of my internet traipses this week…

David Suzuki writes, ‘Responding to climate change and vanishing Arctic ice by gearing up to drill for the stuff at the root of the problem is insane.’ image from wikipedia.

Ivonne Baki of Ecuador says, ‘developing countries depend on [oil revenues] so much that they do not develop anything else. It breeds corruption and the poor pay the price.’ image from la hora.

The poor pay the price even in rich countries. Majora Carter, who seeks environmental justice in South Bronx, says green is the new black. image from wikipedia.

Recently we saw Danny Michel. He puts into song what I feel and think, and he plays pretty good guitar, too. He recorded his new album in Belize, home to the Garifuna. garifuna flag.

The front page of Saturday’s Toronto Star sassily calls Obama ‘Assassin In Chief‘, referring to America’s hunt for al-Qaeda using UN-no-no drones. al-qaeda flag.

grandpa-elliott-from-playing-for-change-comMark Johnson, creator of Playing For Change (PFC), blogs, ‘Wherever [Grandpa Elliott] performs he gives it everything he has…. The PFC Band feeds off of his spirit, and together with the audience we create a better world…. For example, check out this live video of “A Change Is Gonna Come” from Folsom, CA. When I watch and listen to this performance I have no doubt that a change is coming.’ image of grandpa elliott from playingforchange.com.

One place considering a change is the Sierra Club of Canada, which surveyed its members for their views on non-violent civil disobedience. Nearly all respondents support it, and that ‘the climate crisis has reached a critical point and requires a vastly more urgent response from the Government of Canada.’ (This finding is similar to a finding that the David Suzuki Foundation identified, that there is a ‘huge gap between Canadians and [their] government on climate change.’) Details at http://tinyurl.com/SierraClubCDSurvey. image of john bennett from sierra club.

Richard-Wagamese-from-wcaltd-comIt’s all part of making this a better place. The CBC interviewed Richard Wagamese, author of Indian Horse, who offers a playlist to accompany his novel. image of wagamese from wcaltd.com.

Theological_positions.svgI see the confusion now. Undoubtedly, some people mean ‘agnostic theism‘ (purple) or ‘agnostic atheism‘ (green) when they think ‘agnostic‘ (blue). I fall into the blue. I lean to the purple. I was raised in the pink. But now there is new confusion. I’m not sure what the grey-red-orange is, or how gnosticism differs from theism. Do you? image from wikipedia.

love-month_16x9_620x350It’s Love Month at CBCMusic. image from cbc.

Do everything tern, tern, tern. Tonight I learned lots about Sooty Terns, like they fly for four years over the Pacific and never land (they sleep on the wing, somehow); unlike ducks or geese, they can’t waterproof–if they touch water, they drown; they nest on active volcanic islands–fertile but temperamental. image from wikipedia.

videos_banner-from-myblueant-comAnd now for some videos…. image from myblueant.com.

Ignore the subtitles and the fact that he hardly mentions conservation…oh, and it’s British. image from wikipedia.

gotye-by-eva-rinaldiThis parody is brilliant, though it helps if you know the original. Actually, the parody might even be better…. image by eva rinaldi.

king-creosote-by-murdo-macleod-from-the-guardianWhat happens when you mix folk and accordion? Folccordion? image of by murdo macleod.

Isabel Behnicke explains the evolution of, the necessity of, the urgency of play. She says, ‘I just came back from a community that holds the secret to human survival. It’s a place where women run the show, have sex to say hello, and play rules the day.’ Intrigued? image from ted.

In this short video, Elizabeth_May-by-Karen FoxMay quotes the leaders of the USA and the IMF on the devastation wreaked by climate change and calls on the Canadian government for ‘clean tech’ leadership. image of by karen fox.

ricks-rant-snowThat was serious. Here’s a rant that’s both serious and comic. image of rick ranting from youtube.

circular-economy-from-ellenmacarthurfoundation-org Redesigning the economy to be circular, just like nature. Way cool! image from the ellenmacarthurfoundation.org.

Like many of you, I wear glasses. image from wikipedia.

billion-from-readwrite-comWhat do you mean by ‘billion’? This is so nerdy, but I love it. Pay attention, cuz around the nine-minute mark Canada with its two official languages gets implicated. image from readwrite.com.

Great soundtrack, great message. Can you name all the tracks? Like the fight for social justice, the music will go on, and on, and on…. image from wikipedia.

And speaking of music, here’s the greatest song, and you can sing along–the Pete Seeger version, the Bruce Springsteen version. image from wikipedia.

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