‘a childhood of the mind’

hard-timesHandmade-Brooms-from-cutcaster-com.jpgOn the weekend I talked with an old friend, a former Waldorf teacher, whose son–who has a forestry degree–is learning felting for a few months before returning to his job making handmade brooms, which I imagine look something like those at the right.

Dickens hopes that any future children ‘should have a childhood of the mind no less than a childhood of the body, as knowing it to be even a more beautiful thing…. Thinking no innocent and pretty fancy ever to be despised; … to beautify their lives of machinery and
reality with those imaginative graces and delights, without which the heart of infancy will wither up, the sturdiest physical manhood will be morally stark death, and the plainest national prosperity figures can show, will be the Writing on the Wall.’

Nearly 160 years later, Dickens’ hopes remain alive in my friend’s son.

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