the unimin lands

i would like to see the unimin lands in midland, ontario, be restored as a natural area.

this presents a fantastic, rare win-win-win opportunity.

  • for starters, a natural area presents a multiuse, multigenerational capability like little lake park, barrie’s waterfront, or couchiching in orillia, for us now and for future generations.
  • it would attract visitors and enhances the beauty of the town; it’s not an industrial eyesore at the bottom of our main street.
  • it ties in with the rotary and tay shore trails.
  • a natural area is good for flora and fauna (and what’s good for flora and fauna is generally good for people)
  • it creates land and marine habitat
  • it adds breathable oxygen to the air while reducing greenhouse gases
  • it fosters a healthier population–there might even be awards/certification/funding.
  • it requires no dredging, and as such, entails low maintenance
  • water levels can rise and fall without catastrophic impact
  • we are removed from global manufacturing woes and labour
  • there is no need for major sewers, electricity, or other infrastructure, and consequently no ongoing and future costs
  • there are no roofs to fix nor basements to keep dry
  • we can host small, intimate wedding receptions or large music festivals and everything in between



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3 Responses to the unimin lands

  1. Cynthia says:

    I have thought that for years how sad it is that our harbour is dominated by this industry. I hope they decide to relocate them and bring the waterfront back to a more beautiful setting!

  2. ute schmidjones says Amen Peter……I sent a letter to the editor to both papers this morning after last night’s UNIMIN Public input workshop. I’m still reeling from the experience. You can read what I wrote on my facebook page…’s today’s status.

  3. shirst says good ideas!

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