The Spence Declaration


treaty8-caA copy of the declaration agreed to by members of the Assembly of First Nations and the Liberal and New Democrat caucuses, obtained by CBC News, that could end Chief Spence’s hunger strike. It has 13 commitments:

  • An immediate meeting between the Crown, the federal and provincial governments, and all First Nations to discuss treaty and non-treaty-related relationships.
  • Clear work plans and timelines, and a demand that the housing crisis within First Nations communities be considered as a short-term immediate action.
  • Frameworks and mandates for implementation and enforcement of treaties on a nation-to-nation basis.
  • Reforming and modifying a land-claims policy
  • A commitment towards resource revenue sharing, requiring the participation of provinces and territories.
  • A commitment towards sustained environmental oversight over First Nations lands
  • A review of Bill C-38 and C-45 to ensure consistency with constitutional requirements about consultation with aboriginal peoples.
  • Ensure that all federal legislation has the consent of First Nations where inherent and Treaty rights are affected
  • The removal of funding caps and the indexing of payments made to First Nations.
  • An inquiry into violence against indigenous women.
  • Equity in capital construction of First Nation schools and additional funding support for First Nation languages.
  • A dedicated cabinet committee and secretariat within the Privy Council Office responsible for the First Nation-Crown relationship.
  • Full implementation of the United Nations declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples.image of spence by fred chartrand.
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